Friday Fun: The Sesame Street Edition

It’s the start of a long weekend again! YAY! And this weekend it’s as hot as a buttcrack out there, so I don’t expect we’ll be doing much except hiding indoors from the heat. So in honour of the sticky hot long weekend, I don’t want you to have to work too hard on today’s Friday Fun.

So we’ll do something nice and simple, with easy questions and requiring not too much effort. Think of this as the Sesame Street version of the Friday Fun. Brought to you by numbers and letters and other fun concepts.

Tell me:

  1. Three foods beginning with “A”.
  2. Two countries/cities/places beginning with “B”.
  3. An animal that begins with “C”.
  4. Your favourite muppet or Sesame Street character.
  5. Someplace “near” and someplace “far” you’d like to go.
  6. Your 4 favourite foods.
  7. Three things that are BLUE.
  8. Something that is “up” and something that is “down”.
  9. 3 things around the house that begin with the letter “S”.
  10. A movie we should watch this weekend while we stay inside and escape the heat.

See? Easy peasy. Would I make you work too hard in this heat?

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Sesame Street Edition

  1. Well I guess this must mean that everyone has taken off for the long weekend! I will post my answers before I head off to Petawawa for a Kennedy Family Reunion. Fun, fun, fun!

    1. Apples, Asparagas, Artichokes
    2. Belguim, Brussels
    3. Cat
    4. Well I hope this counts but I loved Sweetums! I also liked Oscar the Grouch
    5. Niagra on the Lake (wine tasting) Greece or Italy
    6. My mom’s spareribs, my mom’s blueberry pie, paella, seafood linguine
    7. Sky, Water, My nephews eyes
    8. Elevator for both! Or a hot air ballon
    9. Sink, sofa, suitcase for my weekend
    10. I want to see Water

  2. Yes, it is exceptionally quiet in here today! I suppose the long weekend is when people flee to cooler places, or maybe they’re just too tired from the heat to post.

  3. Remember I was hoping for some summer weather? Well we have it now. It is so hot my brain is fried. I can’t even answer these easy questions. It is 32 degrees and the humidity is 40. I’m finally warmed up to the point of a slow simmer that is close to boiling over.

  4. 1. Arugula, apricots, aloo gobi
    2. Brunei, Botswana
    3. Coatamundi
    4. ANIMAL!
    5. Port Dover, New Zealand
    6. Pho, chicken paprikash, popcorn and chocolate.
    7. Robin’s eggs, the laundry hamper next to me, the Blue Man Group guys when they’re performing.
    8. The ISS, the Earth’s core.
    9. Stairs, stereo, Superman (well, he’s all over MY house)
    10. Four Weddings and a Funeral. You simply can’t watch it too many times.

  5. 1. Almonds, applesauce, avocado.
    2. Bora Bora, Boca Raton.
    3. Cheetah.
    4. Ohh, toss up betweeen Sweetums and Animal.
    5. Near – the Bayswater beach with white sand and lots of fun waves. Far – Europe.
    6. Steak, garden salad, bbq chicken, chocolate of any kind.
    7. My highligher, my daughter’s eyes, ocean on a hot summer day.
    8. Up – the humidity. Down – the water level in my well.
    9. Sandals, stairs, siding (get it, all the way around the house)!
    10. A Night at the Museum or The Holiday.

  6. Okay, my turn!

    1. Anchovies (EW!), alphabet soup, apple pie
    2. Burundi, Bali
    3. Cuckoo
    4. Grover. No doubt in my mind.
    5. Near: Muskoka. Far: Ireland or Japan.
    6. Ice cream, tuna sushi, turkey, champ
    7. My bathroom tiles, a new plush monkey for Mystery Baby, blueberries
    8. Up: Birds sometimes. Down: our bank account.
    9. Sugar-free pop, socks, scratching posts of all kinds
    10. We’re thinking of a double feature of The Bourne Ultimatum and the new Harry Potter movie. We like to do double features on long weekends because it’s nice and cool in the theatre and everyone’s out of town. Also… we have free movie passes from airmiles!

  7. 1. Asparagus, Apples, Avocados
    2. Brenham, Texas and Belgium.
    3. Cheetah
    4. You know the muppet that was always with the mad scientist? What was his name, Beaker? Him.
    5. Spring, Texas and Guelph.
    6. This is likely to change depending upon my mood. Pita Chips, a good salad, spicy cheesey baked corn (OH SO GOOD) and grilled chicken.
    7. My eyes, my son’s eyes, and my daughter’s eyes.
    8. Up – my mood lately. Down – my boobs since nursing my daughter.
    9. Sofa, sodas, snacks.
    10. This may actually SHOCK you, but I did rent a movie this past week. I rented Breach since everyone tells me how fabulous it is. I haven’t watched it yet though. Sigh.

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