A Magical Day in the Magical Land of Magicalness

Today was a girls’ day out with my dear friend Heather, and we went to IKEA.

I know. You’re jealous now, aren’t you. Well, who could blame you? I mean, spending the day with Heather — well, OBVIOUSLY — but also… IKEA!

A magical place where you can buy a billion things for a dollar that you didn’t know you needed!

Sometimes, the trip to IKEA is not as magical, because they choose quite frankly craptastic colours for their fabrics, and you feel like you should be wearing those paper-and-plastic 3D movie glasses the entire time.

But today was not one of those times.

Today, despite the sixty-billion-degree heat outside, we had a magical day. We ate cheap and tasty lunch at the cafeteria, where you can eat more meatballs than should be allowed by law, and then we strolled around. I test drove every chair in the joint. The fabric colours were surprisingly often found in nature, and rarely assaulted the optical nerve. We sized up every pillow they had on offer. I ponked Heather with a plastic gerbera daisy.

All in all, a good time.

Of course, neither of us has any money to speak of. So it was mostly a window-shopping trip.

Although, I did get some plastic kids’ cutlery. And a tent for my cats.

There was a black velvet throne, with a cat wearing a crown embossed on it. I thought that might be a little over the top.

But who doesn’t need a tent for their cats, I ask you?

The most fun you can have for under 20 dollars on a hot day, that’s for certain.

2 thoughts on “A Magical Day in the Magical Land of Magicalness

  1. Hey, are you sure you have the right set of cutlery…I think you took mine 😉

    Thanks for the great day!

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