Heat, and Lots of It

I had to go out and run some errands today. How is it I pick one of the hottest days of the summer to run around and do stuff? It boggles.

The air conditioning in my car is not working and therefore I have to employ 460 air conditioning — 4 windows open at 60 km/h. And let me tell you, it’s hardly satisfying. I was still sweating like a sweaty thing that sweats the entire time. But were it not for busted air conditioning, I would not have been able to enjoy the pleasures or driving around our fair city: exhaust fumes, other people’s bad taste in music, and construction dust.

One of the downfalls of life in this city is that it appears to be a mission of our city works department to ensure that there is no easy way to get from any one part of town to any other. They accomplish this mission by doing endless construction on all major thoroughfares all at once. Or, rather, they tear up the major thoroughfare, block off several lanes, scatter pointy-arrow-sign-thingies and construction pylons about the place, and then leave for several days/weeks/months. Right now they are tearing up two roads in this neighbourhood that are relatively new and required no major repairs that I had ever noticed. I believe that there is a large map on the wall in the main city works office and they throw darts at it weekly.

People get a bit weird in the heat. Certainly, their fashion sense — or lack thereof — gets a bit weird. And as I tromp around in my baby blue faux-croc gardening shoes, I am certainly not one to pass judgement. But let me just say, there are a frightening number of women out there who are wearing tummy tops out in public who have absolutely no business wearing said tummy tops. And I think you know what I mean.

My cats get weird(er) in the heat. I went to the vet to stock up on cat food, and picked up a couple of cases of cans and a bag of kibbles. I came in the house and put the whole lot on top of a cooler sitting in the foyer. I heard scrabbling and went out to find Opus trying to climb up and claim Mount Catfood as part of the Bubby Empire.

I have allergies going outer limits. Plants are spewing pollen and whatnot because tomorrow is August first, and time for the annual Hayfever Festival is just around the corner. Oh JOY! My sinuses may explode at any moment. The membranes INSIDE MY NOSE itch. I have been sneezing since 7:45 am. Also, any part of my skin that has ever touched a blade of grass has suddenly broken out in itching.

I love summer.

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  1. Have you started doing that thing where the inside of your throat gets itchy and you try to scratch it with your tongue, thereby looking like a dog with a mouth full of peanut butter?

    Just me, then? Carry on…

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