The Post That Replaces Post #297

Adoption Journey — Day 190

I had this great big long blog post all written up and ready to post. Really. I did. But then I decided to chuck it.

It was a post talking about the fact that our homestudy is finally done and off to the Ministry this week. It was a post full of whining and complaining about the wait, and the frustration, and the unfairness of it all.

It was a bit of a pity party, actually.

I am not really all that bummed, truly I am not. On a daily basis, I am totally cool with all the waiting and delays and paperwork and stuff. The whininess is only here occasionally. It comes in fits and starts. And for the most part, I am realistic in my expectations of the adoption process. It’s the “all-this-on-top-of-the-unfairness-of-infertility” that usually gets me going, though. “Oh, woe is MEEEEE! Oh, WOE! Oh I am as DOOMED as DOOMED can BEEEEE!” I get all whiny and weepy and self-pitying.


I suppose that means I still have some work to do in the “grieving our infertility” department. Beh, that’s normal.

So, yeah… this post replaces the whinefest that was Post #297. And, it really IS nice that our homestudy is off to the Ministry — you just don’t need to wade through all the other blah-blah-blah-pity-party stuff. Seriously. Who does?

Anytime we make progress in the paperwork, it’s a good day.

Carry on.