Friday Fun: Choose!

Some different choices, maybe… but what would you choose?

  1. Hotel or tent?
  2. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
  3. Socks or nylons?
  4. Bookstore, housewares store, or hardware store?
  5. Action or adventure?
  6. French bread, rye bread or pumpernickel?
  7. Playing or cheering?
  8. Sand, grass or carpet?
  9. Ribs or chicken?
  10. Boxers, briefs or bare?
  11. Newspapers or magazines?
  12. Pyramids, Angkor Wat or Macchu Picchu?
  13. Curtains or blinds?
  14. Apples, peaches or pears?
  15. Screwdriver or hammer?
  16. Hard cheese, soft cheese or stinky cheese?
  17. Purple or orange?
  18. Elephant, giraffe or zebra?
  19. Email or telephone?
  20. My black shorts, my khaki shorts or my tan shorts?

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Choose!

  1. 1. Hotel.
    2. Coffee.
    3. Prefer neither, even in the middle of winter, but if have to choose, socks.
    4. Housewares.
    5. Adventure.
    6. French bread.
    7. Cheering.
    8. Sand.
    9. Chicken.
    10. Bare.
    11. Magazines.
    12. Pyramids.
    13. Blinds.
    14. Peaches.
    15. Screwdriver.
    16. Hard cheese.
    17. Purple.
    18. Zebra.
    19. Email.
    20. Tan definitely, they go with anything!

  2. 1. Hotel or tent? I do love a tent because I love the smell of the outdoors but now that I am getting older I like having a bad. What a suck!
    2. Coffee in the morning, tea at lunch hot chocolate at night
    3. I wear more dresses and skirts so I would have to say nylons
    4. I like independent bookstores and small hardware stores and I love houseware stores. So, it depends on my mood but for the most part I would have to say houseware stores.
    5. Adventure
    6. French bread with a bottle of wine and some cheese – hey that sounds like lunch!
    7. Playing
    8. Sand, except on a golf course, then I like grass.
    9. Why not both? Probably chicken because it is better for me but I love ribs.
    10. Bare
    11. Newspapers
    12. Pyramids
    13. Depends where they are. Bedrooms I like the romance and softness of curtains. Office, kitchen and patio doors I like some sort of blind.
    14. Well it is peach season right now and they are sooooo good!
    15. screwdriver, not sure how to make a hammer!
    16. hard cheese
    17. I like the brightness of orange – it cheers me up but I love the richness of purple
    18. I like the giraffe
    19. I do like the phone
    20. khaki today

  3. 1.Hotel.
    2.Hot chocolate. It used to be coffee, but I’ve lost my taste for it.
    6.Mmmmm…. French bread is yummy.
    7.Oy. Neither, actually.
    8.Huge toss-up between sand and grass.
    10.Oy. Um… yeah, we’ll go with briefs. No – wait. Boxers. No – wait. Oh, whatever, I don’t care.
    14.Apples – especially in a good chicken salad.
    15.Screwdrivers. They are fabulous for celeb stalking, I hear.
    16.Soft cheese.
    18.Love me some elephants. But the zebras are cute too. And baby giraffes? You could DIE from the cuteness. Truly.
    19.Both. I won’t pick and you can’t make me.
    20.Black is slimming and accents a tan really well.

  4. Leave it to Sherri and Caroline, always here in a race for first on a Friday! I love that.

    My turn!
    1. Definitely hotel. As upscale as possible, thankyouverymuch.
    2. I love my coffee.
    3. Socks. Hatehatehate nylons. Won’t wear them unless absolutely necessary.
    4. I love bookstores. I love housewares and hardware stores too, actually, but there’s something about bookstores and libraries… I could spend hours there. I always wanted to own a little bookstore with a few tables for coffee and tea, so people could read and have a cuppa…
    5. Hm. I think adventure appeals to me more. Except in films, and then it depends.
    6. Rye bread is my absolute favourite. Especially rye toast with butter… mmmmmmmmm…
    7. Playing. Definitely.
    8. Sand, because the others make my allergies go nuts.
    9. Chicken. Hate meat with bones in it in general, so usually boneless chicken. But if it’s ribs done on the barbeque at Bob and Sheila’s house…. well…
    10. Boxers. I like a little left to the imagination.
    11. Newspapers. Particularly the Globe and Mail.
    12. I’m going to go with Macchu Picchu. There was a time I would have gone for the Pyramids, but now I am a little claustrophobic about going underground and into tunnels and stuff.
    13. Curtains, especially white curtains. Although there is a lot to be said for a nice set of really high quality wood louvered blinds.
    14. Peaches, I think. Although I am recently trying more pears.
    15. Definitely hammer. I love to hit things. Unless it were a SONIC screwdriver…
    16. Stinky cheese, like really old cheddar. And stinky hard cheese like asiago and parmesan.
    17. Purple. I’ve tried to like orange, I really have.
    18. I love them all, it’s too hard to choose. But if I have to choose I will pick… giraffes.
    19. Email. I hate talking on the phone.
    20. That is the decision of the weekend. I was hoping you’d tell me one of them doesn’t make my butt look so big.

  5. 1. Hotel. There’s too great a chance I might accidentally touch some of that icky nature if I was in a tent.
    2. Tea. I’d rather take my own life than live without it.
    3. Socks. They’re far less likely to pull at the crotch.
    4. Bookstore. With a rich person’s credit card.
    5. Adventure. You can have adventures without unduly raising the heart rate.
    6. If I’m the one doing the baking, French bread. Rye flour is STICKY.
    7. Playing, I guess.
    8. Assuming I’m not going to wind up covered in gross bugs, grass.
    9. Chicken. I embarrassed myself at the Farmer’s Market today and ate half a chicken from the hot food stand. Half. A. Chicken.
    10. I’m not the one that has to worry about whether things constrict certain areas or chafing. I’ll leave that decision to the discretion of the underpants wearer.
    11. Magazines, for the most part. Scientific American and Seed are staples.
    12. Machu Picchu. You can’t beat the scenery.
    13. Curtains. They look nicer and they’re easier to wash, says the woman who lives in a house full of blinds.
    14. Pears. Nothing like a good Bosc.
    15. Screwdriver. It can be a helpful household tool and a refreshing drink for after I’ve been trying to fix things.
    16. You wouldn’t be so cruel as to make me pick just one, would you?
    17. Purple. It suits my colouring better.
    18. If I had to pick one, I guess I’d go with the elephant.
    19. Phone for talking to friends, email for dealing with corporate customer service.
    20. Khaki — dark enough to be a boon, not so dark that scary-white Canadian legs seem to glow in comparison.

  6. 1. Hotel
    2. Coffee
    3. Socks but right now it is too hot for anything but flip
    4. Bookstore and lots of money.
    5. Action if it is someone else doing the action. I will watch
    6. French bread.
    7. Golf if I am playing if not cheering.
    8. Sand it usually means warmth,sunshine and vacations.
    9. Chicken less fat.
    10. It’s a toss up briefs or bare.
    11. Newspapers.
    12. Pyramids.
    13. Curtains.
    14. Pears.
    15. Screwdriver.
    16. Hard cheese.
    17. Purple. I don’t like orange.
    18. Zebra.
    19. Nothing beats hearing the voice on the other end.E-mail
    is OK for quick messages.
    20. Tan shorts for sure.

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