Ten Good Things About This Summer So Far

…in no particular order…

Summer has been good so far.

  1. Less humidity than a normal July brings to southern Ontario. Although, there’s also been next to no rain, which is not cool on a number of levels. My grass is brown, my vegetable garden is stunted (except the mutant onions from Mars, but hey, it would not be summer if something didn’t go haywire in my garden) and my flowers are dying a slow pathetic death. Welcome to the desert.
  2. Doctor Who season 3 episodes streaming from the CBC website. Kudos to the CBC for getting this up and running so quickly and, quite frankly, so brilliantly. I don’t have cable but I loves me my Doctor Who — although he’s no Ninth Doctor, number Ten is charming and the stories are pretty good. And now I can get my fix without waiting to buy the series on DVD! The network rocks my world in so many ways this summer; this is just one of them. If they get Torchwood streaming, I’ll be happier than a person should be allowed to be.
  3. BDH playing soccer. He’s happier than he’s been in years now that he’s playing the game he loves again. It’s good for his health, it’s good for his spirit, and it gives us another sport to talk about (which is, for the jock wife, a big bonus).
  4. Our homestudy is done. There’s a big load off, and now that it’s done it’s done forever. If we adopt in future, the homestudy still applies (with a quick update).
  5. Volleyball. I’m getting my fix this summer, what with all the international competitions, High Performance, and one of our former players off to university in the US. Just wish I could watch more online — it would make my blogging job easier.
  6. The Mayor got a job. And, I think, so did the Mayor’s Wife. All I know is they’re not around and they’re not bugging me.
  7. Wireless internet access. I’m on the porch using my laptop, with decent internet access. I don’t have to miss the summer because I am sitting inside.
  8. The cats are healthy, particularly Opus. So far. Knock on wood. We just can’t afford any more major health crises this year with all the fees to be paid for the adoption. Plus, we can do without the added stress and worry.
  9. Friends with barbeques. We’ve been visiting friends a few times, and it’s been lovely. Not least of which is the wonderful food we’ve enjoyed, cooked on the grill. It’s such a treat in summer to grill outdoors. Our barbeque — and I use the term loosely, only in the larger philosophical sense, since our barbeque stopped resembling a barbeque years ago — is currently home to various species of insect and probably rodent.
  10. Being able to drink wine. I could not drink while there was a chance I might be pregnant — so, for the last two years or so, while I was doing infertility treatments. Not that I can drink much now, but at least enjoying a glass of wine with friends out on the deck of an evening is not a problem.