Friday Fun: Friday the 13th

Sorry I am late getting started this morning — I had to make sure the neighbour boy got up and out for his flight to Berlin today. Not very auspicious, some would say, flying somewhere on Friday the 13th. And some would say that me being late to post this morning is all part of the bad luck of Friday the 13th.

But not me!

I LOVE Friday the 13th. 13 is one of my favourite numbers, and hey, what’s not to love about a Friday? So today’s Friday Fun is in honour of Friday the 13th — all about luck, and superstition, and good stuff like that.

  1. Are you superstitious? About what?
  2. Do you get a little nervous when Friday the 13th rolls around?
  3. What is your lucky number? Or, if you don’t have a lucky number, what is your favourite number?
  4. Ever broken a mirror?
  5. Ever crossed paths with a black cat?
  6. Do you have any things you keep to bring you good luck?
  7. Are you a person who wins a lot of things at games of chance, like at fall fairs and stuff?
  8. Have you ever won more than $10 in a lottery?
  9. If you DID win a million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with it?
  10. Anyone seen where I put my lucky 5 Yen coin?

I’ll post later, once I get some things done around here. If I’m lucky, I’ll get done early…

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Friday the 13th

  1. 1. No, but I try not to walk under open ladders as my luck would have something falling on my head.
    2. No, but I do love watching others freak out a bit.
    3. My favorite number is 29.
    4. Yes. What a mess but no more bad luck than normal.
    5. Yes, every day as our cat is black. I always seem to be tripping over the blasted thing as he seems to wait until the last minute to move.
    6. No, not really.
    7. Nope, hardly ever win anything.
    8. Yes, I won $500 once in a scratch and win.
    9. Well, I do know there are two family members who would like to have a family and I would share with them. I would also pay off bills, mortgage, etc, put some into investments/savings,share with family, and give some to charity.
    10. Yes, actually, it is with your rabbit’s foot and four leaf clover.

  2. 1. Not really – I slap my wrist when I see a lone crow and if you walk with me you can’t change sides but that’s about it. This comes from my mom by the way!
    2. I don’t get nervous but I wish that I was in Port Dover today. That would be a hoot!
    3. I like #7 and #9
    4. Never. What’s supposed to happen again? Is it 7 years of bad luck?
    5. I live with a black cat so every single day! He’s so cute.
    6. I don’t. Whenever I see a penny on the ground I pick it up and say a little something and give it to the next person I see. Maybe I should change my first answer.
    7. I am pathetic! We did win a trip to New York though to see the US Open so I guess we are a bit lucky. Still waiting for my big 6/49 win!
    8. At work with 10 people we won $2000.
    9. Basically what I am doing now – enjoying life.
    10. It is in your dresser.

  3. 1.I don’t think I am superstitious.
    2. No I am not nervous on Friday the 13th.
    3. I don’t have a lucky number.
    4. I have never broken a mirror that I remember.
    5. Many time I have come across a black cat and haven’t thought of bad luck but I have thought “have you been in my flower bed today.
    6. Nothing I keep is for luck.
    7. I am not very lucky at winning anything so I do not play games of chance. Maybe that is why I am not lucky at these things.
    8.No. I have not won in the lottery.
    9. I would invest the money first and use the interest to help my children and grandchildren. Then put on our back deck with all of the extras and then charities.
    10. I do not know where it is but take my advice and find it soon every thing helps on Friday the 13th. We both had a terrible golf score today and didn’t know why, that is until you started talking about Friday the 13th. Now I know!!!!!!

  4. Like I said I am not superstitious but when I was in Florida last November they announced that bingo would be starting in 10 minutes. I thought of my Mom (who passed away some years ago and who loved to play bingo) and I had an urgent need to play bingo for her. When I put the money down for the game I said this is for you Mom, and you guessed it, I won!!
    I hate to play bingo so tell me what was that?????

  5. 1. I am only superstitious about sports stuff. I have a lot of little sports things I do.
    2. Only about the weenies around me freaking out.
    3. My favourite number is 11. It’s my jersey number. I like how it looks and how it sounds… it’s very onomatopoeic. And my lucky number is 4.
    4. Nope, don’t think so.
    5. We used to have one in our family. He was Teh Man.
    6. I collect coins from other countries. It started with the supposed luck you get from a 5 yen coin in Japan. And I carry them with me too (which gets pretty heavy.)
    7. I have never in my life won ANYTHING. I am totally unlucky.
    8. See question 7.
    9. Oh, well, hmmmm… pay adoption fees! I might have continued IVF. I definitely would pay off our debt and our mortgage. And then, we’d go on a honeymoon, since we didn’t have one.
    10. If I knew, would I be asking you?

  6. 1. No, not really. I do throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it, but that’s more because I grew up in a family where that’s just what you did. It’s habit.
    2. Most of the time I don’t even notice, unless I happen to be near a direct route to Port Dover.
    3. My favourite/lucky number is 14.
    4. Probably. I break all sorts of stuff.
    5. Sure.
    6. No. I don’t think I have a lucky anything.
    7. No, although when we went to Niagara Falls for our first anniversary I kicked some serious butt at a shooting game. Does that count?
    8. I don’t think I’ve ever even won $10.
    9. The boring stuff — pay off debt, buy a house and a car, put money away for kids and old age. Oh, and drink.
    10. No. I also don’t know where my hairbrush is, though.

  7. Enlighten the uninitiated, people: What’s going on in Port Dover on Friday the 13th?

    And BTW, what’s the big deal with Port Dover anyway? I mean, other than the good figh and chips?

  8. There were 150,000 bikers at Port Dover. Every Friday the 13th they arrive there with their bikes. It is quite the party.

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