Walking Through History

I’m carrying on with my project of scanning old negatives and photos into the computer, so we always have a digital copy. It’s sometimes tedious — the film I had developed in Japan was done in sheets of 6 images, instead of the 4 normally done here, and so it requires cutting the negative to fit the scanner. And then there’s matching the images up to the photos I have, so I can get the description right and file the digital images accordingly. So, it’s a bit of a needle in a haystack at times.

Still, it’s been really nice to revisit all the places I’ve been. I remember some places so vividly, and others I have no idea about. I remember some outings so well, and looking at the images reminds me how very lucky I’ve been to have had the opportunities I’ve had. I’ve travelled so many places.

The Japan pictures are especially fun. Now that I am older, I really love looking at all the things I got to see and do, and I realize now what an opportunity of a lifetime that really was. In hindsight, I should have stayed on and saw more and did more. But I was young, and we’re not always so smart when we’re young.

I get homesick for Japan sometimes. I miss so many little things — temples and gardens I’d go to escape, places I’d shop, food, just mundane little aspects of everyday life — it’s hard to believe it was over 15 years ago. It’s all still so vivid when I look at these pictures.

Family pictures, photos from school, trips and travels –it’s all part of our history. It’s BDH’s and my history as a family. It’s amazing the things we’ve seen, the people we’ve met, what we’ve done.

I can’t wait until technology changes in the future, and I get to do this all again.