The Dog Days of Summer

GAH. I am lacking in inspiration today.

I think in this infernal heat and humidity, all my get up and go just got up and went. It’s hard to be inspired when the weather is like this.

I wanted to hang my laundry out today, but the weather is unpredictable. Although it’s bright and sunny right now, the forecast says there’s a 70% chance of thunderstorms and rain. So, it’s a day to run the dryer, which doesn’t help matters much.

Even with the air conditioning, you feel a definite drag on these humid days. You feel tired and perpetually in need of a shower. If we could just get a big old rainstorm, the humidity would break. The air would be more fresh, and I think I’d feel a little more inspired. And we could really use the rain on our brown, crispy lawn and on my long-suffering gardens.

But although it’s in the forecast, we live in the Bermuda Triangle of weather: it’s forecast, and it blows this way, and then… disappears. We never get weather like that here. So, I don’t expect a good rain — just more heat.

These are the days when you want to have a long, cool drink. They are days for cool dinners, salads and cold meats and iced tea. Days when you want to have a fan blowing on you, and the lights off, and walking around barefoot.

Of course, these are also the days from which Canadians get one of their most common, most-often-repeated sayings.

It’s not the heat… It’s the humidity.


3 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. Well, I’m gleeful over the fact that we’ve gone THREE WHOLE DAYS without rain. It’s unprecedented this summer. I’m enjoying the heat, the sunshine, and gosh darn it – the humidity as well. It’s lovely.

  2. Although we are (according to the forecast) supposed to get rain and thunderstorms all we get is overcast skies and we do not know if we should get into some outside activities or stay in the house. It is getting depressing. I have had on my jacket all day just to keep the chill at bay. (also socks to keep my feet warm) I’m sure if we had the humidity we would complain about that as well. As Canadians we just like to complain about the weather. The old saying in the Maritimes is “if you don’t like the weather just wait a moment and it will change. But come on give us some sun!!!!!!! Just for a few days would be nice and it would lift our spirits.

  3. I’ll tell you, my back garden is suffering from the lack of rain. When your “drought-tolerant” plants are wilting and dying in the heat, you KNOW it’s time for rain.

    And yet? None.

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