Sunday = Rest

It’s the perfect Sunday: a billion degrees humid outside, with thunderstorms threatening all day long. So there’s nothing to do but stay inside in the air conditioning.

Yesterday we spent the day out watching High Performance volleyball. It was awesome volleyball, and in between matches we sat out in the sunshine and had a lovely picnic lunch that BDH had planned as a surprise. It was a perfect day (except for the sunburn I got).

So today, we are really tired. With thunderstorms rumbling overhead and humidity outside, we’re “forced” to stay indoors and since we’re tired, there’s nothing to do but rest and relax. I had a long nap with The Bubby, and BDH has spent the afternoon saving the universe from evil. There’s been no cooking to do, since we had lots of picnic leftovers and a snacky-grazing-sandwich type of day. And tonight we’re going to curl up and watch our Doctor Who DVDs and relax. I’ll do some knitting.

I love these days.

2 thoughts on “Sunday = Rest

  1. Would you believe I had a jacket on today? We don’t know what is happening with the weather here but it better warm up soon.
    The pool is only 74 degrees and is not very appealing to me at that temp. We just relaxed all day as well. BDH is a romantic guy to plan that for you. I guess he remembers my constant reminder to ” do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Well done my son!!!

  2. I am so jealous of your wonderful, relaxing day with your hubby. Once the kids come (mystery baby included) it is very hard to find time for just you and your soul mate. As much help as I have here with Mom and Auntie Tena, sometimes I wish for a day away with my hubby just to be us and not mommy and daddy just for a little while. I know that is selfish and I wouldn’t change a thing in my life, especially the beautiful blessings that are my children, but it brings back memories of sleeping curled up together on a Sunday afternoon just because we could. What a wonderful hubby you have. Maybe he could give my hubby a few lessons next time he is down. My hubby is a great dad and husband but he lacks imagination or initiative when it comes to romance. Sigh, back to bottles, bum changes, and leftovers in the fridge. That’s about how romantic it gets around here!

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