Friday Fun: The Dinner Party

Summer is here, and it’s a time for get togethers with friends and meeting new people. I think July is the busiest month for us here at the House of Peevish, with barbeques and volleyball tournaments and Canada Day celebrations…

So let’s follow that theme for a bit, but with a twist.

This week’s Friday Fun is only one question: if you were having a dinner party, and you could invite any 4 people, who would you invite? Why would you choose them? They can be any 4 people, living or dead, from throughout history or alive right now, and you can have them all magically attend, and all speaking English, live and in person.

So tell me… who’s coming to your dinner party?

(I almost forgot the Friday Fun today! It’s only when I looked at my blog I realized, “Hmmm. Something is not right…” How nutty is that! The short week had me all confused. But I did NOT forget. So have at it, peeps!)

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Dinner Party

  1. Henry the VIII, just so I could slap him around the head and find out what if anything was going on in that space called a brain.
    Princess Diana, to find out what went on in that marriage and if Charles was a real husband or did he just do what Mommy and Daddy told him to do.
    Elvis Presley, when he was younger and I could drool.
    Madonna, just to find out if she is really that dense and selfish and is she really out there in left field.
    So we have Henry and Diana and Madonna and Elvis. Should be some fireworks. Could be interesting. Use your imagination……
    There are so many I would like to talk to but these came to my mind first.

  2. Wow, Mom, that is a wild group you’ve got there! But fun, I’ll bet.

    Can you believe the boring people Kelly picked? Sheesh! 😉

  3. The Heinleins, Robert and Virginia. I have a semi-secret desire to know if they would have approved of me as a sentient creature.

    Spider Robinson. An author I deeply love, a friend of the Heinleins who never got to spend enough time with them. Can play the guitar.

    Sendhil Ramamurthy, because he is Teh Hawt and I’m shallow.

  4. Tracy Chapman – I love her music and while she is a bit shy I think she would do quite well at a small intimate dinner party.

    Harry Chapin – What can I say, I love music!

    Emily Carr – I went to see her exhibit and found out that she is so much more than totem poles!

    Dianne – Because I would want to share it with her.

  5. Sorry — been away with volleyball all weekend!

    Everyone has such interesting parties going here. I love some of the choices! I had a hard time limiting it to just 4 people! And then I thought about whether I wanted some intellectual conversation, or whether I wanted to be entertained, or what… It was not easy. So in the end, I went simple and selfish:

    My mom — because I miss her.
    My husband — because he should meet my mom, don’t you think?
    Alan Cross — because I worship his musical knowledge. And he’s kinda funny.
    John Cusack — because he also has great musical taste. And he’s kinda funny too. And oh yeah, he’s a hottie.

  6. Okay, this one was really hard for me, then I hit upon a really fun idea. What about Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, and Vicky Lawrence. I doubt there would be much eating but lots of laughter and stories.

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