• I’ve started a new project. I am taking all our old photographs and negatives and scanning them into our computer to store digitally. This way, we can put away all our old pictures and still have a good digital copy if we want one. And, I can make use of old pictures and photos people gave me in the photo pages I have to create for the adoption. We have tons of old photos, from my time in Japan, away at school, of the cats… It’s a massive project, and it’s going to take a really long time to finish. Probably not a good job for a perpetual project-starter like me, in retrospect…
  • My kitty Opus, who is old and frail and yet THE QUEEN MUM OF KITTIES woke up happy this morning. She was in a very good mood when we got her out of her cage and brought her upstairs for breakfast. She trotted around happily, and played with BDH, and was in fine form. We went about our morning business. And then, I went downstairs to the kitchen to find her walking ever so jauntily ACROSS THE KITCHEN TABLE. Now, first of all, I cannot for the life of me figure out how in heck she got up there. Apparently the vase of lupins and lilies on the table was just irresistable, and she needed to taste them. But the rule in this house is “no kitties on the table” which includes most elevated flat surfaces. So I yelled at her (halfheartedly, because she’s deaf as a post) and made a move to chase her down (of course, she is old, so I gave her plenty of time to work her way down) and then I chased her up the stairs saying “Bad Kitty!” in a somewhat stern tone. At which point, at the top of the stairs, she turned around and purred and rolled around ever so happy. And now she’s strutting around, thinking she’s all that. And oh so clever.
  • BDH decided to rearrange his desk last night. He does this every three months or so. It’s the computer geek in him that drives him to move hardware hither and yon. And last night’s move involved moving the two 21-inch monitors off his desk in favour of two smaller flat panels. As he marvelled at the new sleeker setup with so much more desk space, I stood behind him. “Ahem.” There were two giant monitors in the middle of the floor. Yes, he needed to find somewhere to put them. As of this morning, storage space for these two technological leviathans had yet to be located. I asked him to bring down a baby gate, which I could use to keep the peeing kitty from peeing on these two gigantic and easy targets (she may be able to find her way up on the table, but she cannot climb a baby gate — this I know). Instead, he moved the massive things to the bedroom floor, already desperately short of free space, and behind a door that cats can regularly push open because the latch doesn’t catch.

Edited to add: The flowers in question…

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3 thoughts on “Clever

  1. I can relate to the “perpetual project starter” problem. I still have my scrap book that I bought to put my pictures in and that was 3 years ago! Do you have lupins in your garden? They are one of my favourite flowers.

  2. The lupins are actually from my neighbours’ garden. She brought a big bucket of flowers over as a gift.

    They’re deep indigo blue — so gorgeous!

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