Celebrating Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone!

As we woke to yet another day of sunny skies and warm temperatures, and the sound of the neighbour hammering away at his deck, we have resolved to go away today and enjoy the holiday. Well, not really “away” exactly. We’re going to go to a neighbouring town for the day and enjoy the festivities and fireworks.

BDH has often lamented not being home in his small hometown in NS on Canada Day, because they have some lovely, gentle festivities to commemorate the holiday. They have a parade, and some games apparently, as well as the obligatory firework display. I think he misses the small-town atmosphere on days like this. He’s really quite a small-town boy at heart, as much as he loves the delights of restaurants and big cinemas and shopping that comes with living in a larger suburban area.

So we got a call from a friend yesterday, who lives in a small town just north of here. He’s a member of the local Rotary club and as such, often has responsibilities when these holidays roll around to organize celebrations for the town. So he and his cohorts have organized a wonderful day of activities for the town. There’s a volleyball tournament on the fairground, as well as a BBQ where a hot dog, a pop, an ice cream and a flag can be had for $3 — a steal, in my books. And then, at night, there will be fireworks.

I mentioned this yesterday to BDH, since I thought this would be something right up his alley. And I have to tell you, his mood instantly brightened. It’s just the kind of thing he would love to do on a holiday like this, and he woke up today really looking forward to it.

It’s not that we don’t have these sorts of activities going on here in town. Of course, there are lots of things planned for today. And I hear that the fireworks display that is held annually in the park downtown is always very good. But the logistics of attending any sort of civic event in a city of 100,000 can be a bit daunting. Just getting to these events can discourage one from ever trying to participate. There’s a mess of parking to worry about, getting in and out of these parks and places that host events, and usually a lot more people than we are comfortable with. We’re not so good in a crush of people.

So for us, a small-town atmosphere is perfect. We can enjoy the events without too many of the hassles. Sure, it is a bit of a drive, and we are not part of the town so we don’t know a ton of people. But we do know a few, and we hope to make more friends as the day goes on. It will be fun.

So as the neighbour hammers away next door, and the trailer trash a few doors down have friends over and stand around by their cars in the street drinking beers, or sit in day-glow pink camouflage lawnchairs by their faux-fire pit and set off fireworks right next to the tinder-dry conservation area, we’ll be hitting the road and heading off to farm country. Heading out for a bit of small-town camaraderie and good times with friends and soon-to-be friends.

Sounds perfect to me.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Canada Day

  1. Oh please, please, PLEASE get us a flag. And take pictures for me.

    Sigh. Perfect Bastardy Canada. Sigh.

  2. Perfect Canada? Perhaps you missed my comment about the neon pink camouflage lawn chairs and drinking beer on the street?

    But it is pretty darn nice.

  3. Oh!!!!! It was a perfect day here in N.S. Sunny, warm but not humid. Had lots of folks in for the afternoon. Drinks,tasty snacks and lots of family to enjoy it with, some from Toronto, Ottawa and the big City of Halifax. Of course the pool was open for the young ones to enjoy. We missed our family from Guelph and it sounds like you missed us as well. Hope BDH had the flavor of his small town Canada even if it was not his “own” small town.

  4. It was a lovely day, although it was cold enough that I spent the day wrapped in a blanket. I am glad we decided to go. And the fireworks were awesome!

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