Friday Fun: Happy Canada Day!

It’s the Canada Day long weekend, and it’s going to be a lovely weekend weather-wise here, according to the forecast. It’s a weekend for fireworks and community festivals and going to the cottage. It’s the first summer long weekend. And I like it.

I like celebrating our national day. It’s a day to celebrate all things Canadian: The tendency to apologize to inanimate objects. The phrase “hot/cold enough for you?” Rabid hockeymania during an Olympic year. Universal healthcare. Gay marriage. Snowshoes. Poutine. The song stylings of Mr. Gordon Lightfoot. Rick Mercer’s rants.

So this edition of Friday Fun is all about Canadiana. Some questions are easy, some are tricky. Even Kelly can play because she gets Canadian Living magazine, and she reads it cover to cover.

  1. Tell me 2 ways to eat maple syrup.
  2. What do you think is the most beautiful place in Canada?
  3. Name 2 Canadian communities that have a colour in the name.
  4. Tell me 3 uses for an old hockey stick. (Caroline, you should be good at this one!)
  5. What are 3 reasons Kelly should move to Canada?
  6. Name a famous funny person from Canada.
  7. What Canadian do you wish had been born somewhere else, thankyouverymuch?
  8. What’s the oddest Canadian place name you can think of?
  9. Name a famous Canadian actor.
  10. Other than the Maple Leaf, what do you think of as a symbol of Canada?
  11. What’s a good Canadian name for an Ethiopian-born-soon-to-be-Canadian baby?

Happy Canada Day, peeps.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Happy Canada Day!

  1. 1.On pancakes or ham
    3.Greenbay and Blue Beach, both in Nova Scotia could use an old hockey stick for kindling, for chasing solicitors off of your property, and if you collect enough of them they would make classy spindles for your deck railing
    5.Where would Kelly be moving from?
    6.Nicky Paine
    7.most of our politicians
    8.Come-by-Chance Nfld
    9.Donald Sutherland
    11.Tena is nice for a girl although I like tom-boyish names like Toni. Love all boys names that start with the letter J, especially Jake

  2. 1. broiled on top of grapefruit, on salmon
    2. Everywhere and in every season. Canada is beautiful!
    3. Red Rock, Ontario. Red Lake, Ontario
    4. I use them in my garden to hold up plants, Makes a great coffee table and bench, if the blade is broken then you can use it for a ringette stick.
    5. Only 3! The people are great, the food is wonderful and because Cinnamon said that you should move here.
    6. Dan Akroyd (just saw his wine in the LCBO flyer)
    7. Can’t think of anyone.
    8. Take a look at a map of Newfoundland and you will find many odd names.
    9. Pamela Anderson – oh wait, maybe that could fall under question #7!
    10. The Beaver!
    11. I like Gerrard (my dad’s middle name) and I do like Samantha for a girl but then you have to pick the middle name as well.

    Happy Canada Day!

  3. 1. Mixed with honey and basted on cooked chicken and on French toast.
    2. The Annapolis Valley in beautiful NS, but especially the view of Blomidon (I believe you have a picture of this on a wall somewhere in your house with the apple blossoms in the foreground).
    3. White Rock and Black Rock, both in NS.
    4. Husband poker when he doesn’t get at his Honey-do list fast enough, prop open our old slide-up windows, and as a rose bush trellis.
    5. 1) I hear it is flooding in Texas right now, maybe you will just float on up here where you should be anyway! 2) The Tim Horton’s coffee, and 3) Because it really is a wonderful, laid-back lifestyle we live here.
    6. Howie Mandell
    7. Don Cherry.
    8. Quispamsis, NB.
    9. Jim Carey.
    10. The Loonie.
    11. Jacob is nice for a boy and maybe Emily for a girl.

  4. 1. pancakes and a baste for ham.
    2. Nova Scotia. Cabot Trail is fantastic.
    3. White Point Beach,South Shore N.S. Greenwood,N.S.
    4. Garbage,Garbage,Garbage. We are cleaning the garage.
    5. Tim Horton coffee,Lots of Bald Eagles in you will not be lonely and we would make you feel welcome.
    6. Bob and Carole M________. Come to think of it, the whole family.( But we are not famous)
    7. Steven Harper.
    8. Ecum Secum, N.S.
    9. Donald Sutherland.
    10. I say stick with what we have. I remember what we went through to get the maple leaf.
    11. Sorry, Can’t help you there.
    Happy Canada Day to you as well. Wish you could have joined us for the big day. Lots of family coming after the parade.

  5. I sent this off to you and apparently you are not taking any more comments. Or something is working overtime again. It did not turn up yet. It is in there somewhere.

  6. 1. Candy, pancakes, maple snow – Lookit me, I named THREE!
    2. Hmm. I don’t know. I like my view from Kev’s Guelph Cam, but it’s not as beautiful as the pictures I’ve seen from someone’s lake vacations.
    3. Isn’t there a place called Red Deer? And all I can think of is YellowKnife Bay. That doesn’t count though, does it? I COULD cheat off of everyone who has already answered, but I’m too polite to do so.
    4. Are we removing one from the Mayor’s wife?
    5. Bastardy Canada with it’s Bastardy Wonderful-ness. Sigh.
    6. Howie Mandel. Right?
    7. Dean McDermott. Under a rock somewhere in the middle of the Sahara would have been better.
    8. This I do not know. Sad, but true.
    9. I don’t know how famous he is in Canada, but he’s popular with the kids here. Tim Rozon.
    10. Mounties. 😉
    11. Still trying to sucker me into this one, are you? I’ll wait until we know what gender – thankyouverymuch.

  7. Lookit Kelly with Teh Clever. And also? You forgot several of your favourite things: puzzle-shaped flooring and universal health care and Mennonites.

  8. There’s too many to list, really.

    And the dinosaur museum and Daniel Cook and lovely Jack the neighbor.

  9. Okay, I suppose it’s my turn.

    1. On French toast, and those fabulous maple leaf cookies with the maple filling made by Dare (I think).
    2. North of Superior gets my vote. Big cold lake, rock, trees, and wildlife. Perfect.
    3. Let’s see… How about Whitehorse and Greenwood?
    4. Smacking the stupid neighbour with the motorcycle. Uprights for a pea fence. And barring the patio door so people can’t break in and murder me in my sleep.
    5. Drinking wine with Mom. Following Mennonites around. Enjoying four seasons, with snow at Xmas.
    6. Shaun Majumder. He cracks me up.
    7. The Shat – William Shatner. What a turd. And maybe Jim Carrey. God how I loathe him.
    8. Oh there are so many! My personal favourite is Squamish (BDH: “I have no explanation for Squamish…”). It’s funny to say. But I also love names like Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, and Kicking Horse Pass, and Tuktoyaktuk. And then there’s Dildo, NF. And of course Flin Flon.
    9. I loves me some Paul Gross. LOVELOVELOVE. Oy, but he’s a beautiful man. I also think Gordon Pinsent is criminally underappreciated. And I must admit I still carry a torch for a certain Mr. Christopher Plummer.
    10. Loons, Canada geese, and people who drive in the middle lane on 3-lane highways.
    11. Well, let’s see… Pierre? Wilfrid? Wayne? Garth?

  10. 1. Compressed into those tiny, leaf-shaped candies that I eat until I’m sick, maple fudge. NOT in the form of maple sausage, maple bacon or maple ham, because maple should not be mixed with meat. Ew.
    2. I’m not well-travelled enough to say.
    3. Red Deer, Baie Verte.
    4. 1) If you’re my dad, being cut to size to act as security bars in various windows. 2) A handy length of wood for when there’s a suspicious noise in the house late at night. 3) Firewood.
    5. 1) You’re here. 2) I’m here. 3) We’re both telling her she should.
    6. Phil Hartman. I miss him soooooo much.
    7. I can only pick one? Goodbye, Celine!
    8. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump takes the cake. Fogo just makes me giggle.
    9. Nobody else picked Leslie Nielson, eh?
    10. Endless roadwork?
    11. Burton Cummings.

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