Randomy Goodness

It’s a random sort of a day.

  • Lately the adoption stuff has had me a bit frustrated. The countless questions, the never-ending homestudy, the social worker who doesn’t like BDH and doesn’t do a good job of hiding it — it gets on your last nerve, sometimes. Even spending time in the baby aisle comparison shopping gets a little old. But then, when you unpack your groceries which includes a package of diapers, and all of a sudden you get that baby-powder sweet baby smell… it reminds you why you’re doing it all.
  • Chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven, taste so much better when you’ve thrown a bunch of Skor chips into the dough.
  • I was looking at some video yesterday that we took of a volleyball match at the National Championships back in March. And there’s a weird dorky guy who came and sat right in front of the camera with his weird dorky daughter, effectively blocking the view, but completely, blissfully oblivious that he’s doing so. And the funny thing is, just seeing him sit down in frame made me instantly loathe the guy, all over again. And all the while he sits there, pointing stuff out to his kid, standing up and stretching periodically, completely unaware of everything around him. I had to laugh.
  • A fly came in the house when I was bringing in my groceries this morning. ENDLESS hours of cat amusement, I can tell you. It’s like Cat TV.
  • Tomorrow is the start of a long weekend. Canada Day means fireworks, insanity at the grocery store, and avoiding any routes to cottage country at all costs.
  • Today is the birthday of the one, the only, John Cusack. He’s 41 — did you ever dream in your life that John Cusack would be 41? I certainly didn’t. He’s still looking good, mind — he’s aging well. And yet, his love for me remains unrequited… Dear, sweet John, you poor hopelessly pining man, try to put me out of your mind… I’m a married woman now…
  • It’s hard to reconcile the cries of a kitty trying desperately to convince you to chase her around the house and play with the fact that just yesterday, said kitty was barely able to walk without teetering over. What a difference a day makes. The howling call to play is annoying, sure. But I’ve not been so glad to be annoyed in a long time.
  • Look! My potato plants have come up in my garden! Whee!

2 thoughts on “Randomy Goodness

  1. Interestinly, John Cusack and little Maddie have the same birthday. He has Maddie beat by 40 years. I wonder if she will even know who he is when she is 41.

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