It’s one of those days.

We got up this morning as usual. I took out the garbage as usual. BDH went downstairs to walk on the treadmill as usual. He stopped first to let Opus out of her cage as usual.

Things after that were not as usual.

Opus staggered around like a little drunk. She seemed to have trouble with balance, and was dragging her back right foot a bit. She was having trouble working her back legs. She was as quiet as a mouse, which is completely not like her. She teetered around and wobbled until she nearly fell over if she tried to look up at me. So we called the vet to rush her in for 9 am, and I cuddled her for awhile.

She freaked out a bit when she realized something was wrong. And she was not at all sturdy on her feet when I put her up on the bed, and that made her unhappy.

We took her to the vet and she seemed fine. Everything checked out — heart, temperature, the works. The vet checked her for pain — maybe she had hurt her hip or something — and although she favoured her foot slightly, there seemed to be nothing.

Opus walked around the exam room like normal. Tentative, with a few wobbles, but mostly fine. The vet suspects that perhaps the adrenaline was masking whatever might be wrong.

The suspicion is that she’s had some sort of neurological “episode”. The closest thing I can equate it to is when humans have a stroke and things like balance and speech and motor skills are affected. But there’s really nothing we can do yet. We can plan to consult with a neurologist and do many expensive tests (we declined), but for now, we are to observe her and see what happens.

So we brought her back home, and I am to follow her around with a video camera to capture what’s going on. That way, we can record the behaviour and send the video along to the doctor to assess.

Thing is? She seems fine now. Nary a wobble, no problems navigating stairs, nothing. She’s a little obsessed with the basement for some reason, but otherwise she seems fine.

So… now what? Now we wait.

Now if I didn’t know better, I’d say this “episode” was a carefully calculated effort by certain felines to spend our money and get a lot of attention. Because you know, it’s been MONTHS since we spent a buttload of cash on her and waited on her hand and foot. I’d say this was an episode, all right… an episode of the “Pay Attention to Bubby” Show.

But I know better. I saw her staggering around this morning, and something is up. Hopefully, as things seem fine right now, it’s a one-off thing, and she’ll just carry on being Bubby. We’ll wait, and watch, video camera at the ready, in case she gets all wobbly and struggling again.

Or perhaps it’s all part of her master plan, too — lots of good video of her eating, and yelling, and having a drink… all for her viewing public to enjoy on her own personal reality TV show.

2 thoughts on “Episode

  1. I hope it turns out to be a one-time episode, and not a recurring theme! Wobbly pets are extremely frightening, as are wobbly pets with neurological episodes….

  2. Thanks. She’s doing fine today, completely back to (ab)normal. So *fingers crossed* it was a one-off thing. We’re still keeping our eye on her, though, and ready with the video camera in case it happens again.

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