3 Billion Degrees in the Shade

It’s going to be hot today. Hot and humid. 33 degrees with a humidex of 38 or so. The first really sticky hot day of the summer.

I hate the humidity.

When I was younger, it was not so bad. Of course, I was skinny then. But also, we had a pool growing up, so if it was hot you just threw on a swimsuit and jumped in.

Pools are scarce here in Subdivisionland.

There are young families who are living in the biggest house they can afford. There are backyards like bowling alleys. There’s wildlife just over the fence waiting to come and drown in your oasis of cool — or, if your pool is of the blow-up variety, puncture it so it deflates.

Plus — honestly — would I REALLY want my neighbours to see me in a bathing suit? Hm. I think NOT.

It’s kind of a bummer.

Sometimes I think it would be lovely to have a pool, especially when we have kids. Growing up with a pool was wonderful. I spent my summers swimming all day long, or playing hard and jumping in the pool periodically to cool off. All that swimming and playing made me fit and healthy, and I was as brown as a berry for the entire summer.

It was pretty awesome.

I know we’ll have some sort of pool for our kids, even if it’s just of the paddling-pool variety. I love those pictures of kids splashing about in a kiddie pool. I love the look of joy on their faces, from splashing and running in and out and having a great time.

Of course, there’s every likelihood that I’ll plop my big ol’ self down in the padling pool too, just to stay cool. No telling what kind of trauma that will cause the neighbours.

In the meantime, as the cats stretch out on the cool tile floor in the kitchen… I am thankful for our air conditioning.