Friday Fun: Quick! Quick!

Since I’ve been rushing about a bit this week, I decided to do a Friday Fun that was quick. Rapid fire questions, easy answers — quick, quick, quick! So, for today’s questions, don’t think too much about it… just answer!

  1. What do you feel like eating right NOW?
  2. What was your favourite toy when you were little?
  3. Choose: tap dance, ballroom, or hula?
  4. Name three yellow foods.
  5. Who was your best friend in grade 1?
  6. Name three things on your kitchen counter.
  7. What colour is your toothbrush?
  8. Choose: popcorn, pretzels, or chips?
  9. Tell me the name of the first celebrity that pops into your head.
  10. What instrument would you like to learn to play?
  11. Tell me the name of the first European country that pops into your head.
  12. Choose: walrus, hippo, or pot-bellied pig?
  13. What’s the name of the last restaurant you went to?
  14. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  15. What do you think of this shirt?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… GO!

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Quick! Quick!

  1. 1. Nothing.
    2. My Holly Hobbie Doll.
    3. Oh crap. Tap.
    4. squash, bananas, cornbread
    5. Crystal Brooks. She was also my neighbor.
    6. Medicine, my cell phone, and my beverage.
    7. Purple and Lime Green.
    8. Most often popcorn, but I refuse to eat the microwave kind now, so pretzels.
    9. Dude. You’ve RUINED me. Since YOU asked it was John Cusack.
    10. Does an instrument of destruction count? No? Okay, how ’bout a guitar.
    11. France
    12. Dude. I love hippos.
    13. Hunans.
    14. It actually varies by the seasons and the metabolisms of the woodchucks. On average it is just over 400 butt cords of wood.
    15. Looks comfy.

  2. DUDE. You WOULD choose France.


    And you just keep your thoughts of John Cusack PURE and CHASTE, alrighty? Or I’m going to start heaving bags of screwdrivers ALL OVER THE PLACE, man.

  3. 1. I’m full! Just ate homemade pizza. But give me a few minutes
    2.Favorite toy was stuffed monkey
    3.Tap dance
    4.lemon pie, Lemon bread, lemon cheesecake. I told you to give me a few minutes(question #1)
    5.Best friend was Lucy. Boy did we raise heck!
    6.Two pizzas and a jug of chocolate milk
    7.Toothbrush is clear and mauve
    8.potato chips
    9.Angelina Jolie
    13.Kao chinese restaurant
    14.A woodchuck could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck. DUH!
    15.Your shirt is way cool, you are wearing a shirt aren’t you?

  4. 1. I’m not sure what I FEEL like eating, but I’m going to go make some PC White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese. That stuff usually makes me happy.
    2. Bunny. Bunny was a brown stuffed rabbit with pink gingham inside her ears, bright orange eyes, a nose and a mouth. She’s now mostly bald, the insides of her ears are grey, she is noseless, mouthless and her ears are two different lengths from being sewn back on so many times. I still love my Bunny.
    3. Ballroom, I guess.
    4. Marshmallow bananas, canary melons, the insides of mangos.
    5. I didn’t go in much for friends in Grade 1. I guess it was a girl named Shannon.
    6. Dish soap, the kettle, the George Foreman, yo.
    7. White and burgundy.
    8. Popcorn, all the way. Or, as the Weasel used to call it, corns.
    9. Sendhil Ramamurthy.
    10. The piano. I’m dismal at it.
    11. Serbia.
    12. I am the walrus.
    13. McDonald’s. Klasseigh.
    14. About 38 linear meters a minute, if it’s Canadian. American woodchucks have to convert.
    15. I don’t think body paint counts as a shirt.

  5. For the record, I didn’t think too much about my answers. It seems that my fingers type without engaging the brain.

  6. What, no Sherri yet? No Caroline? No Mom?

    It MUST be a busy weekend everywhere.

    Okay, here are my answers!

    1. An omelette. Mushrooms, green onions, bacon, cheddar cheese… and with rye toast and real home fries.
    2. A Winnie-the-Pooh. The one with the red t-shirt. Also, I had a Mrs. Beasley doll I was quite fond of.
    3. Tap, definitely.
    4. Cornbread, scrambled eggs, rum cake.
    5. If I remember correctly, it was Connie. And maybe Geraldine.
    6. Coffee maker, dirty dishes, microwave.
    7. White.
    8. Buttered popcorn with salt. Yummy.
    9. Colin Firth. Also yummy.
    10. Drums.
    11. Luxembourg. I have no idea why.
    12. I’m kind of fond of the little pigs, actually.
    13. St. Louis Wings and Ribs. It’s new, and pretty good.
    14. 42.
    15. Well, although I love it, it’s certainly not what I want to wear out in public, now is it?

  7. 1. Nothing. Just finished dinner.
    2. Can’t remember.
    3. Ballroom.
    4. Curry,yellow beans, yellow peppers.
    5. Sandra Hunter,we were both small for our age and stuck
    together hoping two would make up for our small size.
    6. Toaster, coffee maker and lots of other things.
    7. Pink.
    8. Chips. Because I shouldn’t have them.
    9. Tom Hanks.
    10..Doesn’t everyone want to play piano.
    11. France. Doesn’t it have great wines.
    12. Pot-bellied pig. I just ate.
    13. R&G restaurant. I’m sure you know it.
    14. Who knows and who cares.
    15. If you picked it I’m sure it is fine. Ahhhhh maybe not!

  8. 1. Nothing….I just had dinner. In about 1/2 hour we are going out for ice cream.
    2. I loved playing with my dolls.
    3. Ballroom
    4. Yellow beans, lemons, yellow peppers
    5. Charmaine Cano
    6. Coffee maker, toaster, bread box
    7. Blue and white
    8. I love Old Dutch Potato Chips
    9. Mel Gibson but only because I just saw an email with his name on it.
    10. Guitar
    11. France
    12. Walrus
    13. We stopped off at McDonald’s on our way back from Ottawa today.
    14. They are on strike right now
    15. You know that colour really suits you!

  9. Sorry I’m late, very busy weekend here!
    1. Chocolate Jersey Milk Bar.
    2. Barbies.
    3. Hula.
    4. Banana, yellow peppers, plantains.
    5. Connie Smith.
    6. Dirty dishes, toaster oven, microwave.
    7. White and purple.
    8. Popcorn all the way.
    9. Angeline Jolie.
    10. Piano, same as everyone else.
    11. Scotland.
    12. Hippo.
    13. Swiss Chalet.
    14. Well, it depends on if it is a male or female woodchuck. A male woodchuck would spend several days trying to figure out where is the perfect spot to chuck the wood while laying in the hammock. A female woodchuck would have the whole cord of wood chucked along with getting meals, looking after the kids, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the den.
    15. The color compliments your skin tone.

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