Saying Goodbye

Keep a thought in your heart for our friend Fiona today, as she lost her beloved canine friend Ron on the weekend, after a long and valiant fight against liver disease.

I have been thinking a lot about her darling girl and how sick she has been over the past while, as it has kind of paralleled our struggles with Opus’s health. Ron was a beautiful dog and a much-beloved member of Fiona’s family. But sometimes, you have to make the decision, no matter how painful for you, to do what is best for your pet, and so my heart hurts for Fiona and her sweetie today. They made that agonizing decision to do what is best for their girl.

They had to say goodbye to someone they love, someone who is irreplaceable. They love her that much.

I never thought I could cry so much over a little dog that I had never met. But I have come to know Ron through Fiona’s stories, and she was a wonderful dog, a faithful companion, and a best friend. She was a good girl.

Bye, Ron.