Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

Adoption Journey — Day 150

We have in our possession the police report from Japan!

This morning we headed down to Toronto by train to pick up this last document. It was a rough morning — BDH has been working non-stop all weekend, and has been up since 2 am because of work, and me, I slept like ass last night. But we dragged our sorry butts out the door and on to a crazy busy highway to get to a crazy full parking lot at the train station, to get downtown to the Japanese Consulate to get this one last document.

Our train pulled in to Toronto, and we dashed off the platform and into the underground network or malls and tunnels they call the PATH. (We are big fans of the PATH.) Taking the PATH cuts time off our walk, since there’s no traffic lights or busy sidewalks or anything to contend with. So we decided we’d go as quick as we could, and if we could get things done at the Consulate quickly, we might be able to catch the very next train back home. We were moving, and got there really quickly.

Up the super-fast elevator to the thirty-somethingth floor. We went in and there was no wait. I went right up to the wicket, gave them my ID, and signed for my document.

“Don’t open it,” the attendant said as I started to walk away. “Excuse me?” I asked. “Don’t open it,” she repeated. I looked down at the envelope, which was sealed shut by tape and had instructions on it that it was only to be opened by the requesting agency (in our case, the social worker).

So I have no idea what the document says. Now, I am ASSUMING that it’s fine because I didn’t commit any crimes while I lived in Japan, but hey, nothing surprises me these days. There was lots of bad karaoke and they have street-corner pop machines that actually dispense BEER in Japan, so anything is possible.

But I don’t recall any run-ins with police, so I can assume all is well.

So, document in hand, we dashed back to the train, and made the next train home.

We’re both pretty exhausted (BDH obviously moreso than me, but STILL…) so I think it’s going to be naptime very soon. But it’ll be a good sleep, with one more thing to tick off our list.

3 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

  1. Oh I am SO glad.

    Weird they were worried that you might actually catch a teensy tiny peek at your own police report.

    I’d be DYING to know what it said.

    So after turning it in, I’d ask.

    That pesky faulty filter of mine, you know.

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