Friday Fun: Decisions, Decisions

Here’s a nice quick-n-easy one, so you can get back outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Time to make some choices!

  1. Tropical fruit or berries?
  2. Skirts or shorts?
  3. Potatoes or rice?
  4. Swimming pool or beach?
  5. Lyrics or music?
  6. Chicken or fish?
  7. Sandals or running shoes?
  8. Hummingbirds or owls?
  9. Drama or comedy?
  10. My singing or my dancing?

Let’s hear it, people. Don’t be wishy-washy, now.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Decisions, Decisions

  1. Woohoo, first again!

    1. Berries.
    2. Skorts actually but that wasn’t one of the choices, so I would have to say shorts.
    3. Potatoes.
    4. Beach – the waves here on the east coast can really rock and be a ball to play in. The sand in unmentionable areas can be a downer though. There is so much to do at the beach, swim, body surf, play frisbee or volleyball, walk in the sand for a great calf workout, beachcomb, and boy watch…I mean people watch. Bring on the summer, dude!
    5. Music.
    6. Chicken.
    7. Sandals.
    8. Hummingbirds.
    9. Comedy baby!
    10. I am sure you do both beautifully but if I must choose, I would have to say your dancing.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  2. 1. Fresh berries
    2. I love skirts – they are so much cooler
    3. I love potatoes – must be the Irish in me!
    4. Well in a pool there are no fish waiting to bite my toes but I do love going to the beach for the atmosphere. Let’s head to Sauble Beach this weekend!
    5. Lyrics
    6. This is not so easy because I love both and since it is Friday I will say fish
    7. Sandals of course
    8. During the day, hummingbirds and at night, owls
    9. I would say Drama
    10. Since I have not seen you on Canadian Idol, I would have to say your dancing.

    Happy Friday everyone. Now I am going to get ready to go golfing!

  3. 1. Fresh berries
    2. Shorts
    3. Love potatoes
    4. I love my pool but I also like to hang out at the beach
    5. Music
    6. Chicken
    7. Sandals but it is still cold here so I have to wear runners
    8. Hummingbirds
    9. Drama
    10. I haven’t seen you do either one so you choose

  4. 1. Tropical fruits all the way.
    2. Skirts — the longer the better.
    3. Potatoes. I love me some garlic mashed potatoes.
    4. The pool. I don’t do so well with having all that nature hanging around me.
    5. Music — the greatest lyrics in the world can’t help a song if it hurts the ears.
    6. Chicken. I don’t care if fish is better for me.
    7. This one is HARD. Waaaaaah. I’ll say sandals, but what I really want to wear is my Docs.
    8. Owls. How freakin’ cool are owls? VERY freakin’ cool.
    9. Comedy. If I want drama I’ll turn to the Internets, thankyouverymuch.
    10. Sing for me, my angel!

  5. Lookit you guys, bringing the funny and stuff today!

    Sherri, I have to say, I miss your traditional


    post! It’s something I look forward to on Fridays! Oh well, with you and Caroline in a race for first post each Friday, it’s always a treat no matter what.

    Okay, my turn:

    1. Berries! Totally a berry person. I loves me some blueberries.
    2. Shorts, definitely. Too much of the whole thigh-rubbing-together action involved in skirts, man. Plus, there’s the breeze issue. And slips — good doG how I hate slips.
    3. Hm. Although I have the love for rice from my time in Japan… I’m Irish, dude. Potatoes all the way.
    4. Pools. I’m with Caroline about the whole fish-biting-your-toes thing. Plus you all know of my fear of fish.
    5. Lyrics. I love a really interesting turn of phrase or a moment of storytelling. Words just capture my attention.
    6. Fish. I eat chicken, but I much prefer fish. So much so that my dear husband arranged a special dinner for me at our wedding reception — I got to have a plate of pickerel, specially done for me.
    7. Runners. But that’s just force of habit. I like ’em both. Especially a nice pair of Mary-Jane sandals… oooh…
    8. I agree with Anna. Owls are VERY freaking cool. I once had a friend whose father was adopted by a baby owl. The little owl just flew in an open window one day and decided he was going to live with the family. They were inseparable for years. You don’t often see that from a hummingbird.
    9. Comedy. Too much drama on the intertubes. Ask anyone who was part of a certain super-ultra-secret online community for any period of time. Actually, come to that, there are quite a few communities out there on the intertubes specializing in Teh Drama.
    10. Well, of course the first thing ANYONE thinks about me is that I am such a song-and-dance person…

  6. Well, I have not been given privilege to see
    you being a song and dance person. I will be awaiting your first performance when you come down east next trip. I will not forget so be prepared to entertain me. Something soothing and easy on the ears would be nice. Do you do Barney songs or Sesame Street songs? Someone down here likes them and of course you could ad lib anything you want. How about Pat Boone? No? OK, so you don’t know him.That’s OK because the artists you speak of I have never heard of either.

  7. 1. Berries.
    2. Shorts.
    3. Rice.
    4. Beach.
    5. Lyrics.
    6. Chicken.
    7. Sandals.
    8. Hummingbirds.
    9. Comedy.
    10. Both.

  8. OK, any of those singers will do. I like them all. Don’t side step the performance bit, any or all will do.

  9. I defy anyone to be able to dance to Perry Como (or as we called him, Perry Coma.) In fact, I defy anyone to stay awake when listening to Perry Como.

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