This weekend, I spent a lot of time away from my computer. I had forgotten how much time there was in a day when you are not parked in front of a computer. Sometimes my blogging, and the research required for blogging, and just the general faffing around that comes with surfing, can take far longer than I expect. Hours fly by.

So I decided to go offline for awhile.

It was the perfect weekend for it. The humidity had been blown out by the huge thunderstorms that came through on Friday evening, replaced by bright sunshine and reasonably warm days. It was beautiful outside — the perfect weather to be out doing stuff, and to have all the windows in the house open.

I spent hours in my garden, mostly pulling weeds and trying to beat back a ridiculously healthy bunch of periwinkle. I transplanted periwinkle runners to the shady side of the house where grass won’t grow. I planted herbs in my vegetable garden. And I planted annuals in some of the bare spots left by the crazed weeding I had done.

I also did some cooking and some baking, because the weather was so gorgeous and no longer oppressively hot. I sent BDH off to his Sunday D&D session yesterday with a loaf of pumpkin bread to share with the gang. Tonight I made a lovely, spicy beef stir fry and some basmati rice for dinner.

And yesterday, I spent hours on our front porch in the shade. A gentle breeze was blowing, the skies were clear, and the neighbourhood was relatively quiet. I sat out and did some knitting, rocking in my rocking chair with a beverage beside me. It was really relaxing.

So much of our lives are caught up in computers these days. we work on computers. We play games on computers. We read, we watch videos, we learn, we socialize, we communicate on computers.

There’s a big beautiful world out there when you hit that “off” button, you know?