Friday Fun: Not What You’d Expect

I’m not what people expect, at first glance. I like to wear strange colours of nail polish. I have a potty mouth. I am a jock with a bit of an artistic side. I am an outgoing person who likes my alone time.

I think a lot of things that make life interesting are the unexpected things — things where one thing should happen, but another one does. Things where your expectations are confounded a little bit.

So today’s Friday Fun is about contradictions, and opposites, and the unexpected. The weird stuff that makes it all interesting.

  1. Are you a person who finds it hard not to laugh at very serious occasions (i.e. funerals, meetings, etc.) or who cries on happy occasions?
  2. What’s something you enjoy that most other people don’t?
  3. Name one of your “earworms”. (An earworm is a song that you absolutely hate that gets stuck in your head.)
  4. What’s something that you enjoy that is scary and exciting at the same time?
  5. What’s something you do that you hate, because you know it’s good for you?
  6. Tell me about something you can look back on and laugh, just because it was so bad.
  7. Is there someone famous that you just don’t like for absolutely no good reason?
  8. Do you have any interests or hobbies that surprise people when you tell them?
  9. Tell me about something that you loved to wear when you were younger, but looking back now, you know was just a really bad choice.
  10. Suggest three baby names for Mystery Baby that you like that are unusual, that maybe are not in style or that have fallen out of favour but you still love.

I’ll check in later and supply you with some of my quirks and weirdness.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Not What You’d Expect

  1. 1. I’m both. My dad and I oughtn’t sit next to each other at funerals, because we have a standing competition to see who can make the other laugh out loud first.
    2. The entire process of grocery shopping. I love wandering the store, getting food, bagging it up properly, unpacking it and then (this is the best part) cleaning and rearranging the pantry. Oh, bliss.
    3. “Sunny Skies” by James Taylor. I HATE that song. One of my dearest friends sang it at a talent competition in Grade 4 and it’s her high-pitched, wispy-voiced version that I can’t shake.
    4. Being in a really, stupidly fast car. Vrroooooooom.
    5. Going to the dentist. I’m not afraid of the dentist or anything, I just hate going there and having my teeth poked at.
    6. Oh God… when I was 13 I was dating this 18 year old (yeah, that relationship was destined to succeed) but I didn’t want my parents to know. So, being 13 and incredibly canny, I left a trail of evidence a mile wide that I was dating him. My dad caught me by feeding me the most incredible lie that he had followed me to the store and then to where I went after the store because he had something to tell me but he never quite managed to catch up. You know, I was 16 at least before I realized what a load of crap that story was? I’m dumb.
    7. Morgan Fairchild. I’d like to break her face and I don’t know why.
    8. People always seem to be surprised that I’m a rabid Heinlein fan, does that count?
    9. Suede vests.
    10. Magnolia, Minerva, Edmund.

  2. 1. I used to get in trouble at mass because I kept getting the “giggles”. I have gotten much better.

    2. Well right now I am sanding my stairs so that I can restain them. Not sure if too many people enjoy that kind of stuff but I love it!

    3. Any Shania Twain song! Not a huge country and western fan.

    4. Roller Coasters are scary and exciting at the same time.

    5. I hate going to the dentist, doctor or anything like that.

    6. When I was 13 I went camping with friends at Wolf River and we got drunk on cooking wine. That was a bad experience for all of us but we laugh about it now.

    7. There is usually a reason why I don’t like them and it is usually because of how the media portrays them. I can’t stand the whole Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie stories. I am so sick and tired of reading about them. Leave them alone already!

    8. People used to be surprised that I played hockey because I am a woman but now it is more because I am older and play hockey!

    9. I went through this phase where everthing that I wore was ripped or oversized. I think that I was the inspiration for the Flashdance clothing!

    10. I like Andrew Neils, Carleen, Geraldine.

  3. Well it’s very quiet in here this weekend! Everyone must be out doing work around the house.

    My turn!

    1. I used to be terrible for laughing at funerals. But now as I get older, I find I cry at the drop of a hat over weddings and babies and such. I’m getting sappy.
    2. I like gardening, for the most part. As long as it’s not stinky humid out. And painting — I don’t mind painting also.
    3. Today, I have a Bay City Rollers song stuck in my head. And not even a “good” BCR song, either.
    4. I love thunderstorms. Lots of lightning, big booms of thunder… I like to sit out on the porch during a storm and enjoy the show.
    5. I run on the treadmill. I absolutely hate jogging and running. But I know it’s good for me.
    6. I had quite a few “Volley Dolly” moments when I was in high school that involved some boys from some university teams. And a LOT of alcohol.
    7. Cameron Diaz and Matthew McConaghey just annoy the crap out of me. I have no idea why. I just want to slap them. Hard.
    8. People are always surprised that I knit. I don’t know why — maybe I just don’t look like the girly crafty type.
    9. I had bad shoe choices. Green converse sneakers, suede Peter Pan getaway boots…
    10. I am a name nerd… that’s why I am asking you.

  4. I do that every week. Press the tab like Word then enter a blank answer. Let’s try it again.

    1. I cry on happy occasions.
    2. I also love grocery shopping, except the lineups, and bringing it home and putting it all away. I hate when hubby tries to help because then I can’t find anything.
    3. Right now it is “Play with me Sesame” from Sesame Street. I finally get it out of my head and then it is on again. Maddie loves it with great smiling and hand clapping when the music starts.
    4. The water flume ride at Upper Clements Park in Nova Scotia. I love it, I hate it, I can hardly breath on it, then go back for more!
    5. Exercise – well I try.
    6. Well, I have had a little incident called “Wharf Diving” that still sets hubby off into histerics. Picture this….250 lbs of screaming woman running down a very steep hill pitted with huge granite boulders….unable to stop but desparately trying to avoid the huge -crack open my head if I fall – rocks….making it safely down the hill only to hit the wet towel lying on the deck to dry…”surfing” on the belly across the splintery deck…finally to stop about six feet down the deck, all with a lawn chair still stuck to my butt! Whew. Nice picture, heh!?! Who can top that? I must say I wish somebody had a video camera…I am sure I would be $10,000 richer from AFV. Now I can laugh about it.
    7. Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise. Ewww! Enough already!
    8. Crocheting and kitting. They seem to be dying arts aroung these parts.
    9. I loved these really high (4+ inch) slip on clogs in high school. I was determined to wear them and my mom finally had enough and gave in. Needless to say when I saw myself reflected in the window walking down the road in them, my butt was stretched out a mile trying to hold my balance. Damn, but I was cool!
    10. Stephanie, Rebecca, Sophie.

  5. 1. Well, you’ve heard the jokes I crack, so I’m guessing not so serious.
    2. Laundry.
    3. Dora and Diego theme songs.
    4. Skirting the law, not showing up for my probation, driving with a suspended license, getting sentenced to 45 days in county…. Oh wait. That’s Paris Hilton. Nevermind.
    5. Eat Breakfast sometimes.
    6. Pictures of the 80s.
    7. Yes. No. I don’t know. Some of them I hate for a reason. Some just irritate me.
    8. I’m not that deep.
    9. Ralph Lauren Bear t-shirts. What the hell was so attractive about them? Oh, and scrunchie socks. *shudders*
    10. I’m not SUGGESTING. I want to PICK a name. But I don’t get a vote, apparently. *snob*

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