Change in Weather, Change in Mood

We got some rain last night. Not enough to bring down the humidity, and so the air conditioning is still running, but at least enough to cool things down a bit and give the gardens a little water. I wish it would pour down rain. Or at least, a nice steady rain. Something to wash away the humidity and give me a chance to get out and get some weeding done afterwards.

I got up this morning and felt like being busy. After a weekend of sitting around and sweating, it was nice to have a cooler morning to wake up to. So even though I was tired, I felt like getting some things done. I have been doing laundry and dishes and sweeping and mopping. I might even have a go at the carpet cleaner today. The thought of sitting down at my computer is actually not as appealing as usual, because it’s a break in my momentum.

I know, call me crazy.

I really enjoy cooler, rainy days in the summer. Since we don’t have a pool and we don’t have kids, really hot, sunny days are wasted on us. Both BDH and I are more apt to get things done when we’re not bound by heat and humidity. It’s funny, because as a kid I loved the heat and the sunshine — but then again, we had a pool, and I loved to sunbathe. Nowadays, I prefer the cooler spring and fall weather.

I am sure I could enjoy the sun and heat again, but I don’t think I’d be as busy. I’d forego a lot of the chores and just want to play. Or I’d be a lot more minimalist — if I lived in the Caribbean, for example, I’d not have as much carpet to clean and I’d be using a clothesline and I’d bake a whole lot less. And I probably would not have the big yard and gardens that need tending. We live in accordance with our environment. And so here, where the weather is changeable and we have four distinct seasons, there’s more to our home and there are more things we try to do in it.

So a break in the humidity here is a welcome change. It’s like a mental “reset” button.

A few days of nice, steady rain would be nice right about now. There are things I’d like to do. There’s a lemon on my sideboard that is crying out for me to bake something. I’d like to get the carpets vacuumed, not to mention cleaned. I have lots of laundry to get done.

I know there are lots of little children’s songs asking the rain to go away, but how about one that encourages a little downpour?