Friday Fun: Fun With Numbers

I was feeling random this week (as you can tell by my posts), and so to end the week off, I thought that the Friday Fun should be something fairly random as well. Just plucked out of nowhere, for no good reason, except for fun.

So today, friends, the Friday Fun is brought to you by the number 3.

Tell me THREE…

  1. …really great gifts you received.
  2. …things that make you cry.
  3. …movies that you thought were really disappointing.
  4. …favourite movies.
  5. …of your favourite vegetables
  6. …pretty things you can see right now.
  7. …things you can do with bananas.
  8. …things you want to learn/try/do before you die.
  9. …herbs I should grow in my garden.
  10. …suggestions for names for Mystery Baby that start with a vowel. (That’s 3 boy names, AND 3 girl names. What, you thought I’d let you off easy? Do I EVER let you off easy on the last one? I think NOT.)

Oh, stop your complaining. Three’s not THAT bad — at least I didn’t pick NINE or FOURTEEN or PI.

(Ooh. Pie. Now THERE’s a thought…)

16 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Fun With Numbers

  1. Freaky Friday! I don’t know where my comments went so I will do it again!

    1. Quilt from my mom, cd player from my sister, phone card from my dad

    2. movies with animals, Hallmark commercials, anything can trigger tears when I am PMSing

    3. Match Point?? (Woody Allen movie) Bond Movies (I only saw the last one and did not understand all the hype) Austin Powers movies

    4. Colour Purple, ET, Terms of Enderment. Walking Tall

    5. Carrots, Asparagas, tomatoes – anything fresh from a garden

    6. Tree, picture of my 3 nephews, Sun catcher

    7. I will keep it clean! Banana Split, over cereal, Peanut butter and Banana sandwich – has to be on wonder bread

    8. Yoga, Get my motorcycle license so that I can ride a Vespa, Snorkelling in the Caymens

    9. Basil, Mint, Oregano

    10. Ole, Aimee, Angus (my uncles) Esther (my mom), Anastashia (my aunt), Yvette (why not!)

  2. Look at you — two weeks in a row being first!

    Keener. 🙂

    I thought that last question was going to be a challenge — and here all those names come from your own family!

  3. Says a lot, doesn’t it! This morning while I was walking Darby I came across a man who was walking his two dogs and his cat. It was so cute.

  4. 1. In case Weasel learns to navigate the Internet anytime soon, I’ll say 1)the press-on manicure kit 2)cucumber melon body wash and 3)plastic tote bag she got me for Christmas.
    2. 1)Anything. 2)Everything. 3) See 1 and 2.
    3. Fantastic Four, Hellboy, Swordfish
    4. The Princess Bride, The NeverEnding Story, Moulin Rouge
    5. Tomatoes (and I don’t care if they’re technically a fruit), raw green beans, sugar snap peas
    6. Look, there’s not a lot of pretty in this room and there’s no view from the window. The prettiest thing is a fake tree in the corner.
    7. Freeze them and then dip them in a bit of chocolate powder, give them to whining children, eat them quickly when I don’t have time for a real meal
    8. Become fluent in a new language, live in India for a few years (both in urban and rural areas), make running a daily part of my life
    9. Bergamot, rosemary, chives
    10. Frances, Stella, Camille — Ian, Edmund, Leonard

  5. Oh, I see. Is that Frances with the lesser-known vowel “F”??

    (Those aren’t vowels, dude. But you’re pregnant. I’ll let it slide.)

  6. Look, I don’t know what kind of crazy moon language you speak, but on my planet F, S, C and L are all perfectly legit vowels.

    Let’s try this again…

    Isla, Alice, Esme — Ian, Edmund, Oscar

  7. Also, have you noticed? The Easterners have COMPLETELY ignored us this week.

    It must be my fault, because of the very VAGUE question.

    (Well, that, and they are very busy…)

  8. Well, I recent that. Would you really like to know what I have been up to this weekend? I have lots of stories to tell but I will not bore all of your readers. Lets say it has been an experience.
    1. diamond pendant from hubby, pearls from Aunt Elsie,and of course my children and grand children.
    2. Just about anything that has to do with children,be it happy or sad.
    3. Have not watched many movies lately. Can’t think of any right now.
    4. Little Man Tate, American President, Forest Gump.
    5. Carrots, sweet potatoes,Peas.
    6. I’m in the basement with the blinds closed so I can see the monitor. Nothing!!!!!!
    7. Banana Bread, Banana Split, Peanut
    butter and banana sandwich.
    8. Trip to Europe,Break 90 in golf,and what the hey let’s break 80 as well.
    9. Chives,basil, parsley.
    10. Elaine,Ilene,Emma,Ernie,Edward,Allen.

  9. Oh no! That’s not good! Well we are definitely happy to see you.

    And I knew if I poked you, eventually you’d come out to play. 🙂

  10. Okay, I am in from the sweltering humidity and I suppose it’s a good time for me to answer my own questions!

    1. Three really great gifts: our water cooler (we use every day), a pearl drop necklace from BDH for our wedding, and my big stand mixer.
    2. I cry over animals, babies, and some really well written movies/TV shows. Less so now that the hormones are done, but still…
    3. Well, let’s see. I’ve been disappointed by Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, and any movie by Guy Ritchie.
    4. I love Much Ado About Nothing, Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version) and Love, Actually. And Serenity. And…
    5. Potatoes, green beans, and peas. And tomatoes.
    6. The three prettiest things I can see right now are Opus, Cinnamon and Lucy. All snoozing on the daybed.
    7. Bananas can be made into bread and muffins, and mixed into curry.
    8. I want to have children, travel/live abroad, and have a cottage on the water where we spend our summers.
    9. I think we’ll go with basil, parsley and thyme, but I am always open to suggestions.
    10. Well I want your ideas… that’s why I asked you!

  11. 1. Other than my children…a hammock swing for mother’s day, my I love mom mug made by my daughter, my new wooden rocking chair we got for Christmas.
    2. Halmark commercials, really good movies, stress – crying relieves the pressure for me.
    3. The Breakup, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and almost anything with Adam Sandler.
    4. Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing,Miss Congeniality.
    5. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beet greens.
    6. Crab apple tree in blossom across the street, pictureso of my girls, my new wooden rocking chair.
    7. Eat them, freeze them on a stick coated with chocolate, drizzle them with carmel and pecans.
    8. A marathon or mini-triathalon, rug hooking, travel Europe.
    9. Chives, mint, basil.
    10. Aissa (African for grateful),April,Emma……Isaac, Aaron, Adrian.

  12. Play is definitely what I would like to do after the day I had.
    I forgot to mention the names Audrey, Eleanor both family names
    My mom would be upset if I did not mention Audrey she always wanted someone named after her although her nickname was Toots,I don’t recommend that.

  13. You know, the really crazy thing is that despite the fact I apparently come from another planet, our languages seem to use similar alphabets, even if the vowels are different. I mean, really, what are the odds?

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