Break Time’s Over

Okay, weekend over. Back to routines.

I have a hard time getting back into routine after a long break. I find after a few days of loafing around, I’m readily distractable. I love the time off, that’s for sure, but then I have some difficulty getting focused once the regular work week begins again.

I think it’s doubly hard when it’s so nice outside. There’s sunshine and warm weather beckoning… must… go… outside… leave… vacuuming… behind…

At least one of my big tasks during the spring and summer IS outside, since I take care of the gardens for the most part. There’s always weeding, planting, moving, trimming to be done. And this year, since we are no longer doing infertility treatment and I don’t have giant ovaries o’ doom, I can actually DO things outside. It’s going to be a big job, since my gardens have been sorely neglected for the last two or three years.

Today, I will take my coupon to the Canadian Tire and get myself a proper garden spade. WHEE! Okay, so maybe not as exciting as a trip to Ikea or a delivery from Victoria’s Secret. But STILL. I have lots of moving of perennials and digging of gardens to do, and only the big giant very tall man-sized shovel with which to do it. And for three years, I’ve been pretty much forbidden from doing the heavy stuff like that. So I have a lot to do, and it’s going to be kind of fun. In an “OMG I cannot believe how much every muscle in my body hurts and I am really starting to hate gardening” sort of a way.

Also, while I can open the windows and doors, it’s a good time to think about getting some painting done. I have paint to do a bedroom that has been waiting for almost a year. I have a front door that desperately needs some colour. And the rest of the bedrooms could use some colour as well. But that’s lower priority.

BDH needs to finish the patio, and build some stairs from our patio door down to said patio. Bit by bit, as we have a bit of money — that’s how the patio has been progressing. It’s an expensive job and so we tackle it a bit at a time. However, cleaning the garage… well that still needs doing, and heck, that job is FREE.

So I had best get to work.