A To-Do List For When I Am Fabulously Wealthy

  • Pay someone else to weed the gardens.
  • Adopt retired racing greyhounds.
  • Hire a personal shopping assistant for BDH.
  • Pay Christopher Eccleston whatever it takes to get him to be Doctor Who again.
  • Have a cool exercise machine invented where I can use my computer while I exercise.
  • Put in one of those plunge pool things. And also? One of those pools that’s like a lane in a pool with water you have to swim against. Yes, that’s right. TWO pools. And maybe another pool just for swimming, with many many toys. HELL YEAH!
  • Fund the discovery of a cure for allergies (for me). And diabetes (for BDH).
  • ROAD TRIP! to Japan for beer and okonomiyaki. Possibly? Take in a sumo tournament.
  • Have a dance party with a bunch of three and four year olds.
  • Buy a very large place. Like, say, Texas. Make it into a state of the art animal sanctuary. And then Kelly can be the Imperial Grand Poobah and run it as she sees fit.
  • Fund Volleyball Canada and fund all its athletes indefinitely. And hire a team to run it and make it run like a well-oiled machine.
  • Pay someone else to clean the cat litter.
  • Have a dream house in Barbados. Near enough to Champers so we can eat there regularly.
  • Build a volleyball academy and start a volleyball club to play there.
  • Build a new facility for the Humane Society here in town, and make sure they have everything they need at all times.
  • Hire a personal trainer. OOH! And a massage therapist!
  • Bring back Sports Night and Firefly. With the original casts and staff. And fix those unfortunate Serenity cast *ahem* CHANGES. Accept no substitutions.
  • Get the best pogo stick in existence.
  • Have a place dedicated specifically to jumping on a pogo stick.
  • Find the ultimate sports bra. Buy many of them.
  • Buy the house of my dreams. With heated floors. In Nova Scotia. Without all these stairs, dammit.
  • Podcast these blogs instead of writing them.
  • Fund AIDS research and relief worldwide, but FIRST in Africa. Buy everyone who needs one a bed net. And then make poverty history.
  • Tasty refreshing beverages! For everyone!

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