Friday Fun: The May Two-Four

Here in Canada, today marks the start of the May long weekend, the first long weekend of the summer. It’s officially Victoria Day, where we commemorate the birthday of Queen Victoria. I think. Unofficially, it’s May Two-Four, where we commemorate the simple joys of a campsite, a case of 24 beer, and black flies. Or something. Either way, fireworks are involved, and this is GOOD.

So our Friday Fun is all about the long weekend. And because the weekend is a long one and involves two-fours, some of the questions are long and involve two parts.

  1. Have you ever been camping? Was it wilderness camping or campsite-camping?
  2. What’s your favourite brand of beer?
  3. Can you make s’mores?
  4. What’s the biggest animal you’ve ever seen in the wild?
  5. Do you have flower gardens? Got any perennials to share with me?
  6. When you roast marshmallows over a fire, do you like them a) barely tanned and soft, b) dark brown and gooey, or c) a flaming torch of sugar?
  7. Have you ever been canoeing? Do you know what it means to swamp a canoe?
  8. Have you ever owned a) a Coleman, b) a tump sack, or c) a bug net? If so, please use each correctly in a sentence. Bonus points if you can use all three correctly in one sentence.
  9. Have you ever set off your own fireworks?
  10. How are you planning on entertaining me this weekend?

I am NOT going camping this weekend. I AM, however, hoping to be highly amused by YOU.

27 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The May Two-Four

  1. First again, looks like I just sit around waiting for Friday Fun with nothing else to do!

    1. Yes, campsite.
    2. None. Can’t stand the stuff.
    3. Yes ma’am, I can make almost anything with chocolate.
    4. Deer.
    5. Not one that survives, so sorry no perennials for you.
    6. Burn baby, burn!!
    7. Yes, swamping is not the most fun thing to do in a canoe!
    8. I have never owned any of the three items but have borrowed and used the Coleman before and wished I had a bug net.
    9. Hmm, that is such a loaded question…outside, inside – maybe a few!
    10. Well, since it is cold and rainy, how about some indoor smores over a fireplace fire (stove burner will even do), a good book, a nice rum toddy, and maybe even a rousing game of backgammon. You could always entertain yourself and BDH and try to set off a few of those indoor fireworks. Hehehe. (Did I write that out loud?!?)

  2. 1. Campsite-camping and I have lots of stories about them with skunks,rain and three children.
    2. Any lite beer.
    3. Yes,they are sooooo good.
    4. A deer
    5. I have flower gardens and would share but you have to come and get them.
    6. Marshmallows. I like them dark brown but usually they are flaming torches.
    7. I have been in a canoe. That is another story. Almost
    went out to sea,but was rescued by my better half. My Hero!
    8. Yes. I hate to cook on the Coleman stove and read by the Coleman Lamp.
    9.No, but my hero has with devastating results.
    10. Going by the weather it will be inside activities. But if you hold the umbrella for me I will B.B.Q you a steak.

  3. Where is everyone? Are we the only ones not in bed curled up with a good book? On second thought maybe we are the odd balls and should be doing the same thing. Let’s reconsider the situation .Which is better? Sitting here being depressed about the weather or excepting the situation and try to get comfy and get into bed with a good book? Oh, and don’t forget the wine just to make us a little mellow.

  4. 1. Yes. Pretty much always campsite, complete with blackflies. Awesome.
    2. Wild Rose Brewery’s Wraspberry Ale.
    3. Yes, but I don’t like them.
    4. A moose!
    5. Not yet, but I have big plans.
    6. Dark brown and gooey, but they usually end up right in the fire.
    7. No. and No.
    8. I own a Coleman stove, lamp, and cooler. As in “I can’t believe you didn’t pack the damn Coleman!” and “Did you bring beer? – It’s in the Coleman.”
    9. No.
    10. With tales of how I put together a new barbecue in the pouring rain. Sound good?

  5. Let’s try this again. I have responded twice already and it keeps telling me I have already said that!

    1. Yes, campground.
    2. None, I can’t stand the stuff.
    3. Only when I have graham crackers, a Hershey’s bar, marshmallows and a fire.
    4. Deer.
    5. None that are alive.
    6. Burnt, baby, Burnt!
    7. Yes I have canoed and also swamped a canoe. Not the most fun thing to do. Actually it is kind of fun, just the getting back in part that sucks.
    8. I have never owned any of those things but have borrowed a Coleman stove and desperately wished for a bug net.
    9. Outside – no….inside – maybe.
    10. Well, I would suggest maybe YOU entertain BDH and see if you can set off a few of those fireworks you mention! (Hehehe, did I write that out loud.) Believe me, when Mystery Baby comes there will be no time for lying around in bed all day being lazy and relaxed beyond belief with that special someone in your life.

  6. Okay, my turn!

    1. I have done both, but I prefer wilderness camping.
    2. I like Japanese beers, and Sleemans. Of course.
    3. I can safely say that I have never had s’mores. So, no, I have no idea how to make them.
    4. I saw a bear and a moose. The bear was trotting away from me, and the moose game me a look so I kept on moving.
    5. Yes, I have gardens, and they need work. They vex me.
    6. Flaming torch o’ sugar. Totally. Although usually it’s not on purpose.
    7. Yes. And I have done. A couple of times.
    8. DUDE. I know them all, and I am not telling ’til the end.
    9. Nope, but BDH has decimated my vegetable garden in so doing.
    10. Well, I was HOPING to amuse myself with Friday Fun answers, but it’s been so QUIET! Everyone must be away for the weekend.

  7. I must say it might be quiet because we CAN’T answer. I have tried three times and whenever I do a list it shuts me down man. A simple sentence it will take, but not the list. I thought my answers were actually very amusing and would have entertained you.

  8. Hey Sherri. Don’t get frustrated, just email us your comments and we will put them up for you.

    1. Not a lot. Only for a couple of days. I have done both…I prefer a warm bath, a sauna, room service and a concierge to mosquitos and pooping in a hole.
    2. My favourite brand of beer is Pepsi.
    3. No.
    4. I saw a bear from my car once while driving on the 101 near Hansport in Nova Scotia.
    5. Yes but Cinn takes care of them so I guess I am already sharing all ‘my flowers’ with you.
    6. I like them barely tanned and soft but I occassionally like to torch one for fun.
    7. Yes and Yes. We had to learn how to get back into a canoe either in swimming lessons or Senior phys ed..
    8. I think that my parents did when I was young. I have never owned a tump sack (I had to ask Cinn what it was) nor have I ever owned a bug net? Why would you want to catch bugs? Butterflies I understand but why bugs in general? I caught Gary Coleman using my bug net and then stuffed him into my tump sack. (woot, triple word score!)
    9. Actually yes. My neice was sick for July first so I got some fireworks and set them off for her on the second when she was feeling better. They weren’t very exciting but she got to see fireworks at least.
    10. To quote Eddie Izzard (one of my favorite comedians) improvising a monkey, “In the usual way.”

    Have a great long weekend everyone.

  9. Okay, here we go. Probably not so funny this time around by I’ll give it a shot.

    1. Yes. Campsite.
    2. None, hate the stuff.
    3. Yep, but only if I have graham crackers, a milk chocolate bar, marshmallows, and a fire. A long stick helps too!
    4. Deer.
    5. Not that are alive, so might be looking for some perennials from you! or Carole.
    6. Burnt, baby, burnt, suck off the toasty outside and the soft, ooey gooey middle stays on the stick and then you have to do it again…. hahaha ha (insert evil laugh here).
    7. Yes I have canoed. I have also swamped a canoe. Not fun. Actually, the swamping part was fun, it was trying to get back into the darn thing that sucked.
    8. I have not owned any but have borrowed a Coleman and desperately wished for a bug net.
    9. Hmmm, outside…no. Inside…maybe.
    10. I would entertain you with maybe a nice fire, smores, hot toddy (or wine), backgammon, or a good book, and if that does not work, why don’t YOU entertain BDH and see if you can set off your own fireworks. Inside of course, since it is so rainy and damp outside. (hehehe- I’m so naughty).

  10. O.K. I have looked in the dictionary for tump sack and cannot find anything that I think would match with camping. I see most comments have avoided that part of the question except for BDH and he asked you what it meant before answering the question. Are you going to let us in on this?

  11. Oh my, has this been bothering you? Well, trust me, it’s not a very exciting thing!

    A tump sack is a big fat sack, like a knapsack only rounder and fatter, that you carry on your back and can pack full of lots and lots of gear. Then there’s a big strap — a tump line — that goes from the sides of the strap AROUND YOUR FOREHEAD to add stability to it when you’re carrying it. It’s like a medieval version of a knapsack. It’s as ugly and uncomfortable as you can possibly imagine.

    But they carry a whole buttload of stuff, and then you can just lean over and dump them out over your head. Good for wilderness camping and when you have to carry canoes as well as all your gear.

    I hate them.

  12. Thanks. Now I can sleep through the night without trying to figure it out. I thought it was something like a sleeping bag.
    Have you checked the dictionary definition of this word? I don’t think you would like it. From your definition I don’t think I would like it. It sounds like a lot of hard work and sore muscles at the end of the day. I have never seen or heard of them until now and I am sure I would never use them as a matter of fact I am positive about that.

  13. All I know is they’re as cumbersome and heavy as hell, and regularly as you’re walking along you’ll tumble over and end up helpless on your back like a big old turtle, needing assistance to just get upright again.

    They’re hateful things. Useful, yes. But hateful.

  14. 1. Yes! Campsite camping, backyard camping any kind of camping
    2. I like Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale
    3. Of course, but I don’t really like them.
    4. A black bear, moose.
    5. Yes I have tons!
    6. I just liked roasting them but I don’t like eating them. When I do eat them I like them to be a bit brown on the outside so that I can peel it off and eat the gooey inside.
    7. I used to teach canoeing in a pool! I have done a lot in a canoe!
    8. When we went to my grandparents, my dad would wake us up at 5:00 a.m. and drive for an hour and then stop at a roadside clearing and take out his coleman and make us bacon and eggs! I have no idea what a tump sack is so I will have to look at other posts to find out the answer but I hope it has nothing to do with bug nets!
    9. Yes, but it was never a big deal. I think we get the dud ones!
    10. Come on by….we have just finished some of the gardening and just want to relax in the back yard. Beer and wine are in the fridge.

    Happy Victoria Day!

  15. Okay, I read the posts and now know what a tump sack is and I can safely say that I have never used one but have seen pictures of them! I have portaged a canoe and let me tell you it’s not fun!

  16. Yeah, you know it’s a rough day when you’re got a tump sack on your back, a bug net on, and are carrying a waterlogged cedar-strip canoe over your head.

  17. 1. I’ve been camping. I find it hateful. It makes me stabbity. I am not one of nature’s outdoors people.
    2. Tough call, that. Steamwhistle’s quite nice.
    3. Only in the microwave. See, what you do is you get a big marshmallow, some chocolate chips and some graham crackers, right? Then you make a sandwich out of them and try zap it.
    4. A person, I expect.
    5. I have a shameful flower garden. It’s awful. I’d love to share some perennials with you but all I have are ugly, UGLY tulips and some ratty-looking daffodils. The squirrels stole almost all my narcissus bulbs this year.
    6. Brown and gooey! Did you know that with a bamboo skewer and some patience, you can roast a marshmallow over the common stove?
    7. No. I do not intend to start canoeing, either.
    8. No, no and no. Frankly, RV camping is too rough for my tastes.
    9. Goodness, no. They EXPLODE.
    10. If you come over I’ll make the Weasel dance for you.

  18. O.K. I don’t want BDH to out do me on this so I will now answer Question # 8 since I now know what TUMP SACK means. Are you ready for this? Making a fashion statement, I attached my bug net over my hat to protect my face,tucked my coleman in my tump sack and hoisted the canoe over my head and trucked off over the rough terrain. That’s using all three of your articles in question 8. At this time I’m ready for bed after just thinking about all that work. Do you really think I am ready for the GREAT OUTDOORS? Duh!!! Did I get bonus points??????

  19. Hey!!! That didn’t work right. I was about to say BDH will say that it is now Sunday and that it doesn’t count. But hey the judge gave me triple points. She also liked my weekend plans but must admit the weather stinks here. Anyway you look at it I came out on top. I have a new word to add to my vocabulary. Not that I would ever want to use it. I know how to make smores and besides she likes me and I have the wine cellar for a back up.

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