Ever have a day where you just felt… blah? Today is one of those days.

May is hit-or-miss here in southern Ontario. Some days it’s brilliantly sunny and warm; others, it’s cool and damp and rainy. Today, because the long weekend is only days away, it is of course cold and damp. Because, hey, you wouldn’t want it to be nice and warm for the biggest camping weekend of the year… Not that we camp or anything. We have done, and enjoyed it. Just not together, and not usually in a cold, damp May.

But I digress.

I am feeling blah. It’s cold and damp, and I’ve never been much of a fan of either. Which makes one wonder about my obsession with going to live in Ireland or the U.K. Wouldn’t that just be a recipe for disaster? These are two places that specialize in cold and damp, do they not?

But I digress again.

Today it is overcast, and cold. My feet are cold, and I’ve put on sweats. And I know there are so many things I should/could/would be doing, except for the blah.

The gardens need work. May Two-Four is the official day after which most Canadians can garden without fear of frost, so if you’re not camping, you’re gardening. And dog knows, there’s a ton of stuff to be done in our gardens. Perennials need to be split up or moved. I need to go to the garden centre and pick out some annuals and some vegetables for my garden. One garden needs to be edged and built up. Another needs the back fortified and some landscaping fabric put in to keep the weeds down.

But it’s cold. And I am feeling blah.

Well, possibly the overcast will pass, and sun will begin to burn off the blah. Maybe we’ll get some warm, sunny days and we’ll feel inspired.

But right now? Blah. With a side of cold feet.

5 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Why should Ontario be any different than Nova Scotia? The weather station puts us under the umbrella of the eastern section of Canada. It also says it will be rainy and or cloudy until Tuesday of next week. Go crawl into bed with one of your “Men” and enjoy. It’s no fun to garden in this weather or to do anything else for that matter. Now I will say BLAH too. And another BLAH.

  2. Well, what the hey,……BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! After the work is done and the girls are in bed, I am going to bed early with a new book I picked up today. One of those naughty, spicy, (hysterical) historial romance ones. Maybe I too will find a new man!

  3. It’s going to go down to 4 degrees overnight. We turned the HEAT ON again.

    I think it’s just generally a good day to go to bed early with a good man or woman — *ahem* — I mean book.

  4. It’s my fault. It always turns to crap the week after we turn the furnace off.

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