Bring It On

Adoption Journey (a.k.a. The Mystery Baby Marathon) — Day 117

Our last home study appointment is DONE! *big sigh of relief*

I think we ROCKED last night’s appointment, I really do. It was on international adoption — what we’ll do to help our child learn about his birth culture, issues we think we may face, bonding, that sort of thing. It was a topic we’ve done a lot of reading on, and the course we took helped us get some ideas and background as well.

Before we went, we reviewed our notes. We had been gently chastised one night for not doing our homework, so this time we were going to be prepared. And we were prepared. Bring it on, ladies!

We had all sorts of ideas to help with bonding, ideas about helping our child learn about his cultural identity, thoughts about how we’d handle being a multiracial family and all the issues that come with that. We were as prepared as we could be.

I think we did really well. We wanted them to know that this was something we had given a lot of thought to, that adopting from Ethiopia was something we took very seriously and that I had wanted to do for many years so we had not taken the decision lightly. We wanted them to know we WANTED this baby. We also wanted them to know we were able to handle whatever was thrown at us, and were not some silly little young couple whining over every hiccup and every delay and setting unrealistic expectations and hopes. We wanted them to see we were grounded and prepared and would bring to bear whatever resources we had to be the best possible parents for Mystery Baby.

And I think we did that.

I don’t think anyone doubts how much we want to bring Mystery Baby into our lives, our family, our home.

I don’t think anyone doubts that we will do our absolute best as parents and that will love this baby with our whole hearts.

I think we passed.

5 thoughts on “Bring It On

  1. Sounds good to me. Move on to the next stage of the process with the same confidence It will not be long before you have mystery baby home.

  2. Great Job! Glad to hear all is proceeding as smoothly as it can. Whenever you can make an impact on the bureaucratic process it always feels good. Good luck on the next steps!

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