Friday Fun: TGIF

OY. This has been a LONG week. I don’t know why; maybe it’s just all the stuff we’ve had going on. So this week’s Friday Fun is all about the weekend.

Tell me all the things you like about the weekend. That means I want to hear from you too, lurkers! (Yes, I am looking at YOU.)

  1. Favourite day of the weekend: Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
  2. What’s one thing you look forward to about the weekend?
  3. What’s one thing you dread about the weekend?
  4. Describe your yard work ensemble. (I know you have one. Bonus points for a hat.)
  5. Do you want to own a hammock?
  6. When’s the last time you went to the beach for the day?
  7. Every had any weekend rituals/routines/habits? What are/were they?
  8. What would be the perfect weekend breakfast for you?
  9. Tell me 3 stores you frequent on weekends.
  10. Where did I put all my gardening gloves?

I’ll come back later and see what you all have in store for the coming weekends. And hopefully I’ll have found my gardening gear by then…

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: TGIF

  1. Okay, my first Friday fun. Here goes:

    1. Friday because its the longest time before I have to go back to work. Plus, its gaming night!
    2. Time to spend with my daughter that isn’t structured (feeding, bathtime, get ready for bed)
    3. Sunday night because I have to start thinking about all the marking/planning I didn’t do the other days of the weekend.
    4. A wonderful man named Charles Allain who makes my lawn and property look great. If I did it, all the plants would be dead!
    5. They make me a bit motion sick. I would like a swing in a gazabo, though. 🙂
    6. Last summer when I competed in a Survivor challenge. First one off but I was on the beach!!
    7. Used to be gaming on Friday night, sleep away Saturday morning, go out to a movie on Saturday afternoon and entertain on Saturday nights. School work on Sundays. Now, its gaming on Friday night, up early on baby patrol on Saturday, sleep when I get a chance and fit in the school work while bouncing baby, or feeding baby or changing baby or…
    8. Not much of breakfast person but I do enjoy a nice plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with Farmer’s chocolate milk (which I can’t get in NB – stupid milk board monopolies!)
    9. United Book Store, Future Shop, and Sobey’s
    10. In a fit of rage you buried them in a shallow grave to teach them a lesson for disobeying you. (Gee, I hope that answer doesn’t reflect on how I might be as a parent….)

  2. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH… Is THAT where they went? I was wondering what that lump in the lawn was.

    (Welcome to the world of Friday Fun, BTW. 🙂 )

  3. 1. Saturday, most likely. Nothing pressing besides housework and play time.
    2. Not having to get up before six.
    3. It’s ending.
    4. Any shorts, sandals, tank top and an old beat up Abercrombie & Fitch cap.
    5. I once owned one but it was a pain in the butt to have. I chucked it long ago.
    6. When T was about six. The beach is a four hour + car trip.
    7. The washing – kids get to pick anything they want for Saturday morning breakfast – and during the summer we grill at least once every weekend.
    8. I’m not a breakfast person.
    9. None, really. I rarely go shopping on the weekends.
    10. I think it’s over there behind that stuff.

  4. 1. Saturday nothing schedualed.
    2. Usually visits from grandchildren.
    3. Nothing that I can think of.
    4. Anything that is ratty or stained. No hat.
    5. No don’t want one. It could get habit forming.
    6. Two weeks ago.
    7. Church on Sunday. Then family day.
    8. Same old thing. Toast and coffee.
    9. I try not to go shopping on the weekend.
    10. In my garden basket with my trowel and Kneepads.

  5. 1. Friday. I don’t work on Fridays, Autumn is in school and I get some peace and quiet when Maddie is sleeping, and I get to read and do the Friday Fun time.
    2. Being able to do some knitting. I don’t have time during the week.
    3. Getting all of us out the door on Sunday mornings for Sunday School and Church. Alone it can be a real pain.
    4. Shorts, tank top, crocs, sun screen, and a visor (I absolutely look horrid in a hat or the visor too if truth be known).
    5. No, but my dream is to actually own one and be able to sit out with a really good book, an even better drink, and fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon with no one bugging me….especially the bugs.
    6. Actually September 4, 2004. Last year I just had Maddie at the end of June and didn’t go anywhere.
    7. Friday night is relaxing/p.j. night. I don’t cook, we usually have pizza or donairs. Autumn watches her family channel shows, eats popcorn, and has some sort of chocolate treat. I sit there blindly watching her shows, knitting after Maddie is in bed, and having a chocolate treat. Saturday morning is coffee and Power Rangers with the girls at 7:30, breakfast (French toast and bacon), and then whatever else comes along that day, usually chores. Sunday is Sunday School, church, afternoon movie, supper, pack Autumn for school, get the girls to bed, then out to the office to finish whatever weekend transcription didn’t get done.
    8. Whatever someone else would like to make for a change.
    9. Drug store, grocery store, and dollar store.
    10. Hmmm, didn’t I see BDH throw those out when he cleaned out the garage?

  6. By the way, have you seen the new hammock chairs, they rock and would be a lovely mother’s day gift.

  7. Yeah! I finally have some time to be part of Friday Fun!

    1.Sunday, I’m done all my chores…hopefully
    2.Spending time with Isabella
    3.Laundry, groceries, cleaning up the kitchen
    4.shorts, big old t-shirt, old runners and sunglasses – need to buy a fab gardening hat!, not a big hammock fan
    6.last summer
    7.Big yummy breakfasts – scrambled eggs, toast and sausages! And reading all the sale flyers
    8.Scrambled, sausages and toast!
    9.Zehrs, Toys R Us, Shoppers
    10.All YOUR gloves, well we can only guess 😉

  8. Okay, we have quite a few people enjoying weekends! I know there’s more of you out there though…

    Here’s mine:
    1. I like Fridays. Specifically Friday evenings. I just like the sigh of relief that the work week is done.
    2. Sleeping in. Lazing around.
    3. I used to hate the dread that started on Sundays that Monday was coming and I had to go back to that hell hole I worked in. Nowadays, though, I hate the crowds of stupid people when we go out.
    4. From the ground up: crocs garden shoes, bare feet, old torn up sweats or my beat up painting shorts (depending on weather), a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a bucket hat that I got from the MS Walk. I am STYLIN’, dude.
    5. I’d give my eye teeth for a hammock. I would LOVELOVELOVE one.
    6. Shoot, I have not been to the beach in a very long time.
    7. I used to have so many: listening to the All Request Breakfast on 102.1, making a giant pot of coffee, reading the Saturday paper for hours and hours… but now, we like our weekends unstructured.
    8. I would eat breakfast for every meal if I could. French toast. A mushroom, tomato and cheese omelette with multigrain toast and hash browns. But I’d have to say soft poached eggs and toast soldiers, bacon, multigrain toast and real home fries with little bits of green onion is my absolute fave.
    9. Canadian Tire. Chapters. Williams Coffee Pub.
    10. Dude. If I knew, would I be asking you?

  9. 1. Saturday. I usually get to sleep in and have breakfast in bed. It’s nice.
    2. Napping.
    3. The chore list. Oh, how I loathe the chore list.
    4. Jeans that are too long and missing the top button, a red t-shirt that features a koala bear carrying the Australian flag (and several holes), gardening gloves and my black Kappa hat.
    5. I want to own several hammocks. I will go to Maryanne’s Hammocks on Third in the hammock district.
    6. Last summer. We went with my parents and Weaselpants to Port Dover.
    7. Sleeping as much as possible, cleaning the house, fighting over who gets which section of the paper first…
    8. Cholesterol on a platter — lots of crispy bacon, sausages, eggs sunny-side up, heavily buttered toast, sweet, milky tea and unlimited apple juice.
    9. Dollarama, No Frills… that’s about it.
    10. I imagine you filled them with a mixture of contact cement and seagull feathers and threw them off the Sleeman factory.

  10. I love Saturday!
    Just being able to be at home and putter around.
    Nothing. I love weekends!
    It depends on how cold it is outside. Today I wore a pair of shorts and an old sweatshirt with sandels.
    I would love to have a hammock but it would have to have the right yard. I bought one of those where you don’t need any trees and it just doesn’t do it for me.
    Well I go to Lake Ontario with Darby quite a bit but if you mean for swimming – last August at South Hampton and Sauble Beach.
    On Saturday morning I walk down to the lake with Darby and then Dianne picks us up and we get a Tim Hortons coffee and Darby get her timbit.
    I love an omlette but in the summer I love having Eggs Benedict on an outdoor patio with orange juice and sparkling wine.
    Habitat for Humanity (does that count as a store?) Home Hardware, Fortinos and LCBO!
    They were recycled!

  11. I am so glad everyone knows where my gloves are! Because I’ll be darned if I can find the other pairs.

    Is it wrong if I use that as an excuse to NOT do any work in the garden today?

  12. Hmm, remember my mentioning a hammock swing for Mother’s Day? I got one! Now I just need to get it up. I am so excited I can hardly wait to relax with a good book!

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