There are so many big problems in the world. So many big problems in people’s lives that they have to worry about. But often times, for those things, people get geared up for a fight. They get motivated. They make a plan.

I find sometimes, it’s the little, everyday things that wear us down. Smaller, more mundane things that come up time and time again that wear at our optimism and dent our days. Little annoyances that you have to tackle time and time again. They’re like a cold that won’t go away. Or weeds in your garden that are forever coming back and needing to be pulled.

Here are the weeds in my garden. What are yours?

  • Being creative with meals while trying to stick to a budget
  • Feeling guilty for staying at home
  • Getting up and going and being productive in the morning
  • Holding the purse strings
  • Washing our indoor grill
  • Getting certain house projects done that I’ve been meaning to do for years
  • Worrying that everyone in the house is getting the attention and love they deserve and is not feeling neglected
  • Getting all the laundry done and put away
  • Feeling like I am not contributing enough in our life
  • Weeding the back garden

1 thought on “Weeds

  1. -Feeling like a bad parent when I cannot get my daughter to do things.
    -Being responsible for every-freaking-thing around this house.
    -Pushing myself beyond my current physical limitations and then being stuck unable to do anything for a day or two.
    -Feeling that I’m not contributing enough to life – full stop.
    -Always finding something to be unhappy about lately, instead of embracing the lovely in my world.

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