Friday Fun: Spring

Since it’s going to be a gorgeous day here today, and I’ll be spending it walking around with BDH in downtown Toronto, I thought today’s fun should be something spring-like. Something outdoors. Something fresh air (okay, so maybe not so much downtown TO, but definitely when we get back).

C’mon lurkers, let me know what you think about all things spring!

  1. What’s your favourite sign of spring?
  2. Do you prefer going for a walk, rollerblading, or riding a bicycle?
  3. What’s your favourite flower?
  4. What do you do on a rainy weekend?
  5. What’s one spring activity you wish you could avoid?
  6. What’s your favourite barbecue/grill food?
  7. Were you a puddle jumper, a mud-pie maker, or an umbrella kid?
  8. Were/are you afraid of any bugs?
  9. Do you like thunderstorms?
  10. What 4 veggies should I plant in my garden this year?

I’ll fill in my answers once I get back from Toronto. The last official piece of the paper chase for our adoption file awaits! (There are still a few unofficial documents to do, yet…)

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Spring

  1. Okay, here we go again to start it off. Can you tell how much enjoy these things as I always seem to be the first to go.

    1. Crocuses.
    2. Walking.
    3. Carnations.
    4. Finish up the weeks transcription files, play with the kids, same as always….what would I like to do….Curl up with a really good book, a nice warm blanket on a window bench somewhere, with a great cup of coffee…watching and listening to the rain…have a nap….(Sigh!)
    5. Raking the mess off the lawn.
    6. Pork medallions.
    7. I remember making mud pies but one of the famous stories of my life was when I was a baby (but walking), I was all bathed and dressed in a white dress, white cloth diaper (I think) and white shoes. It had rained and there was a lovely puddle right in the driveway. It just called for someone to sit in it…so I did.
    8. Not so fond of earwigs.
    9. Not really. I love to watch the lightening but hate the thunder. My heart thumps just as hard and loud as the booms.
    10. Tomatoes, cukes, beans, and zucchini.

  2. 1. Hearing the sound of frogs as they awake from their winter sleep.
    2. Walking.
    3. Carnations.
    4. Reading and a nap.
    5. Raking the leaves from the flower beds and getting the compost on the flowers.
    6. Steak although chicken roasted on a beer can is a close second.
    7. Mud pies.
    8. I don’t like earwigs or bees.
    9. I don’t mind some but the really bad ones are scary.
    10. Tomatoes,cukes, beans and 1 zucchini plant or beets for
    an early green veg or have you tried spinach. Ask BDH and I’m sure he will say to take it easy on those green vegs.

  3. 1. The smells! I love going for walks and smelling the flowers, trees, the earth!
    2. I love to walk. My rollerblades have collected dust and my bicyle is in my neighbours shed and has been for over a year.
    3. I have always loved irises.
    4. I like to read when it rains.
    5. Trying on my bathing suit and seeing what happened over the winter.
    6. Corn on the cob – hamburgers, shrimp – anything!vourite
    7. Mud-pie. Still am.
    8. No but I can’t stand hornets ever since I stepped in a nest and got stung everywhere on my body.
    9. I love thunderstorms but Daisy doesn’t.
    10. Tomatoes, peppers (I love the look of them), lettuce, carrots.

  4. Mom, it scares me sometimes how much alike we are! I am learning so much about you. It is really lots of fun.

  5. 1. Wildflowers and berry blossoms.
    2. A walk.
    3. We have wild lilies that grow in Central Texas that I love.
    4. Wish I could get my kids outside. And usually talk to you.
    5. I can’t think of one right now – maybe always spray for insects.
    6. Chicken
    7. Oh my. I should find this picture for you. When I was two, my Grandfather had a big pile of dirt in his yard that he threw the water hose on so that we could just play in the mud. And we DID. It was AWESOME.
    8. No, but I jump when one flies in my face.
    9. Not anymore. It causes too many electrical problems here.
    10. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and for a change some type of bean or pea.

  6. 1.tulips
    2.Love to walk
    3.Favorite cut flower would be the carnation, favorite flowering garden plant: New Guinea Impatients
    4.Curl up with a book or have a nap
    5.Hate washing windows
    6.Hamburgers and hotdogs with orange koolade
    7.Puddle Jumper. With any luck I’d fall in
    8.Absolutely abhor junebugs
    9.Exciting but scary. I usually pace the floor if I don’t sleep through it
    10.COCOAbeans, SUGARcane, BUTTERcups and FLOWERS(flour), all ingredients to bake yummy things!

  7. Well I am back from a really frustrating and discouraging day. And all these responses have been lovely! Very cheerful.

    1. I like when the temperatures get warm enough to open the windows.
    2. I enjoy a nice walk.
    3. Hmmm. Probably carnations, or any kind of daisy. Or maybe pansies.
    4. Sleep. And then read. And then sleep again. And then I’d wake up, and go have a nap.
    5. UGH. Weeding the gardens.
    6. I have to confess, I love a good sausage with sauerkraut from a street vendor…
    7. Definitely a puddle jumper. Especially during rainstorms.
    8. I hate a lot of bugs. Praying mantises. Earwigs. Centipedes. Millipedes. I hate them all. I hate the little beetley bastards who devour my lilies each year. I hate slugs (I know they aren’t bugs but I don’t care.) About the only bug I don’t hate are ladybugs.
    9. I love thunderstorms. LOVELOVELOVE.
    10. Well, that’s why I asked you all.

    Keep them coming!

  8. sooooooo………… what are you planting? Remember One zuccini plant will be enough for the whole season. I remember planting about a dozen of these vigerous plants one year and couldn’t keep up with their growth. I ended up throwing them in the compost pile for quite awhile after we had used all that we could and given away all that we could. Yes, lady bugs are good for all of the other bugs you don’t want in your garden.

  9. 1. Crocusissies and sweet, blessed warmth.
    2. I’m a walker.
    3. Magnolias.
    4. Pretend I can’t see how messy my house is, read, sit on the porch and watch if there’s a good storm, sleep.
    5. Washing the walls.
    6. Various meats — huge steaks, chicken on the rotisserie, stuff like that.
    7. And umbrella-carrying puddle-jumper.
    8. I’m not crazy about bugs in general but I have a real, honestnofooling phobia of spiders. I will scream, cry, run away, have dry heaves…
    9. LOVE them.
    10. Green beans, tomatoes, sugar snap peas and the severed heads of those who oppose you.

  10. OOH! I like that last one. I’m going to have to get my truncheon with stab-o-matic attachment out of storage for THAT one…

  11. What’s your favourite sign of spring? GRASS TURNING GREEN
    Do you prefer going for a walk, rollerblading, or riding a bicycle? BICYCLE….LOVE THE SPEED THING!!
    What’s your favourite flower? ORCHIDS
    What do you do on a rainy weekend? WATCH MOVIES
    What’s one spring activity you wish you could avoid? CLEANUP
    What’s your favourite barbecue/grill food? STEAK
    Were you a puddle jumper, a mud-pie maker, or an umbrella kid? UMBRELLA KID…DIDN’T LIKE GETTING WET
    Were/are you afraid of any bugs? YES….ALL!
    Do you like thunderstorms? LOVE’EM
    What 4 veggies should I plant in my garden this year? PEAS PEAS PEAS AND PEAS!

  12. Now that winter’s over, you don’t have to worry about the stab-o-matic freezing up.

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