Three Dear Friends, One Perfect Gift

I’ve known quite a few people in my online life. I’ve “met” them through message boards, online communities, blogs, and the like. Many have, over the years, become really good friends, and people I have come to like very much. This despite the fact that I’ve rarely met any of them in real life.

Yesterday, two of these dear friends gave me an incredible surprise. Apparently, the two of them have been consipiring over this surprise for quite some time.

They both have come to know a fair bit about me, and know about everything that’s been going on with infertility and adoption, have followed my stories of cat adventures and misadventures, know the work BDH and I have done with volleyball teams, that sort of thing. And so at one point they made plans together to send me a gift.

One of these friends is Kelly, who I talk to almost every day and has been like part of the family to BDH and myself for so long, it’s hard to believe we met online. The gift was Kelly’s idea. Kelly commissioned this gift from our other friend Marcie, who, besides being a friend who has always been supportive and encouraging to me, is also an incredibly gifted artist. She works in stained glass.

So, yesterday I received a box from Monarch Glass and More, which is Marcie’s studio/business. (Now, if you think I am exaggerating when I tell you Marcie is gifted, have a look through the site at some of the work she has done. She has some incredible talent.) I opened it to find a carefully wrapped stained glass suncatcher.

It was my cat, Opus.

BDH tells me that Kelly tried to find a picture of Opus that she could use for this gift she was thinking of, so that I would have something special to always remember my dear kitty. Then she sent it along to Marcie, who thought she could make something that captured The Bubby. She made this gorgeous piece, just from looking at a picture.

And it’s perfect. The likeness is incredible. Somehow, Marcie has found glass that captures Opus’s tabby fur — it’s kind of striped in shades of brown and gray. She put two little white paws on her, just like Opus. Big bright eyes, just like my girl. And the pose they chose is perfect, like we often see from Opus when she’s relaxing in a sunbeam. I will post pictures once I get it hung up and can get some pictures of it.

I was so touched. Kelly was so incredibly thoughtful, to go to all the trouble of planning and ordering this, knowing how much I love my old kitty and all we’ve gone through with her over the last few years. I won’t have Opus forever, and so now, thanks to Kelly’s generosity and Marcie’s talent, I will always have something special to remember her when her time comes.

So today I celebrate three very dear friends. Thank you, Kelly, for your generosity and thoughtfulness and friendship, in this and always. Thank you Marcie, for your talent and hard work in creating something so beautiful. And thanks to both of you, I will always have something special to remember my special girlie, who has been my faithful feline companion for all these years.

I am so touched.

4 thoughts on “Three Dear Friends, One Perfect Gift

  1. Hooray! I am so pleased that you like it. Marcie is quite the talent, isn’t she? If I had a billion dollars then I would have so many of her designs throughout the house.

    She did all the hard work – the design, the work, the mailing it… it was mostly Marcie. But, I’m so pleased that you are happy.

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