Click here to view the interview with Stephanie Nolen on The Hour this past week.

Stephanie Nolen is the Globe and Mail‘s Africa bureau chief. She’s well versed in all matters African and sociopolitical, but recently she’s come into prominence for her book 28: Stories of AIDS in Africa.

28 is the number of millions of people in Africa living with HIV. And so, she has chronicled the struggles of 28 individuals living with the AIDS virus, each one representing one million Africans with HIV. From the excerpts I have read in the Globe and Mail, and from the reviews of Bono, Stephen Lewis and others, it’s a brilliant read.

Check out some of the reviews of the book by clicking on the link I provided above. I guarantee you that you’ll be hard pressed to resist buying the book, just based on the reviews. The woman tells some compelling stories here. They are just 28 of 28 million, and that number is growing.

Watch the video. Buy the book. Learn about the issue. Help change the world.

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  1. Just as an update: I ordered this book from Chapters online and already it has been delivered! I am looking forward to reading it.

    Look for a review when I get it done.

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