Urban Outfitters Is The New Pariah

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Apparently Urban Outfitters thinks it’s all cool and edgy and funny to infer that anyone who is adopting is doing so to be trendy. Like this is a decision that was as easy to make as buying a trashy poor-quality new T shirt, let’s say. Like it requires no more thought and effort and soul-searching and emotional and financial investment than clicking on a crappy website and buying a tacky T shirt.

Well, I am here to tell you, Urban Bastard Outfitters, that you are sorely mistaken. Adoption is not a fashion statement. It’s a challenging, exciting, expensive, difficult, and ultimately rewarding process that unites parents who would like a family with children who need a family. It requires months and years of effort, and emotional ups and downs, and soul searching, and financial struggle, and love, and faith to make it happen. No one – NOT ONE PERSON — involved in adoption takes the decision lightly. No one — NOT ONE PERSON — involved in adoption does so because they think it will be cool or hip or fashionable.

And now I am here to ask everyone to boycott Urban Outfitters until they lose that insulting, incredibly offensive T shirt from all their stores and their website. I call on every one of you to write to them and tell them you will not support a business that demeans adoptive parents, children, birth parents, and adoptive families worldwide. Or you can write to their President, Richard Hayne (richard.hayne@urbanout.com). Or both, if you like.

And I call on Urban Outfitters to pull that offensive T shirt from all their stores and make a public apology to adoptive families everywhere. Man up, Urban Outfitters. Do the right thing.

5 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters Is The New Pariah

  1. I’d say. And while they specialize in insulting clothing — they are equal opportunity insulting bastards, at least — this one really pisses me off. Personally.

  2. I agree with you!!! I know what you and BDH have gone through to get this far with this adoption and I know it is not to be trendy. They are ********.

  3. I just heard the news about your adoption plans and want to wish both you and BDH the best with it. From what I have read of your journey thus far you have done so much to be ready for this. It is so wrong that one corporation decides that because celebrities do it that they are being trendy. Giving a home and love to someone who has none is one of the greatest things in the world and no one should diminish it. If I had an Urban Outfitters store in Moncton to boycott I would. Scumbags!

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