No Rest For The Weary

Adoption Journey — Day 94

My everything hurts. BDH says his everything hurts too.

It’s been a very busy few days here. We have been madly preparing for our visit with the adoption practitioners tonight and it has meant cleaning, shopping, assembling, breaking down, and fixing. All over the house. And we’re still not close to done yet.

But we got a lot done, and that’s good. What we did get done, we feel pretty proud of.

Last week, we had the first of our one-on-one appointments (my interview), and tonight, for the first part of the appointment at least, it’s BDH’s turn. But they also plan on starting our home inspection this evening, and while we’re pleased they want to get our appointments done as quickly as they can, we didn’t expect that. So we’re not even close to ready.

We were freaking out when they said they wanted to start the home inspection so soon, but our social workers said that we should start by focusing on the safety stuff first. That’s the most important to them. So we got out our checklist, and we made a list of everything we needed to get done.

First thing Saturday morning, we headed off to Canadian Tire to get some essentials. We picked up a fire extinguisher, a smoke alarm (to replace the ultra-sensitive one beside the kitchen, that goes off every time we even make toast, that we disconnected), some carbon monoxide detectors (one for outside the bedrooms, and one in the basement), flashlights, and a whole whack of baby-proofing gear.

Then, we went to Ikea. We had a bunch of furniture that would not pass muster: an old, falling-apart kitchen table and chairs and a newer, impractical cafe-style kitchen table and chairs that needed to be replaced. A bookshelf/entertainment unit that we could not fasten to the wall. A flimsy coffee table acting as a TV table. Bookshelves that had to go. So we picked up what we could (between our budget, the room to carry it in the car, and what was in stock) and headed home.

And so, we started the work.

We put up the smoke alarm.

We installed the carbon monoxide detectors.

We put protective cover plates on outlets.

We put baby-proof (and, let’s face it, ADULT-proof) covers on doorknobs.

We took down evil bookshelves.

We assembled good bookshelves and fastened them to the walls.

We broke down old tables and moved them to better places in the house.

We broke down old chairs and pitched them.

We put skid-proof pads under all the throw rugs.

We packed up unused dishes and nicknacks.

We vacuumed in the wake of our wreckage.

And we’re still not finished, not by half.

We still have to deal with that flimsy coffeetable-slash-TV stand. We still have a million cords and cables to hide. We still have SO much to do.

Today, while BDH is off at work, I have a lot to do. I must put the living room back into some semblance of order after the installation of the bookshelves. I will tidy, and vacuum, and put stuff away. I have to get some laundry done. I have to clean the bathrooms. I have to sweep. I have to tidy the kitchen, and find a place to hide several bottles of liquor that have lost their shelf due to recent furniture changes. I have to clean the cat litter and surrounding areas in our basement of doom.

And sometime in the middle of all that, I have to run to the store for a quick couple of things.

We haven’t even TOUCHED the baby’s room. So far as the adoption practitioners are concerned, we HAVE a baby’s room with the requisite door and window and closet space. Beyond that, right now? It’s a storage room. That will have to be handled next visit.

And don’t even bother to look in the other bedrooms. Not yet, anyway.

We’re getting there.

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  1. Wow, great job you guys. I am glad they don’t come check my house. We would be so inadequate. Keep the great work and good luck tonight.

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