Friday Fun: Is It Friday Already?

Well the week has just FLOWN by! I am in need of a Friday Fun today, I can tell you.

I look forward to great guffaws of amusement. Or at least a chuckle or two! And because I know you’re still out there… Lurkers, don’t let me down!

Ready, steady… GO!

  1. What’s in your favourite sandwich?
  2. Can you pat the top of your head and rub your belly in a circle at the same time?
  3. What colour looks really good on you?
  4. What colour looks really BAD on you?
  5. Salty snacks or sweet snacks?
  6. If you could learn another language, which language would you choose?
  7. What sound makes you the happiest?
  8. Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening person?
  9. What one habit do you have that you want to break?
  10. Tell me one slightly odd quirk of your personality or behaviour.

I’ll post mine later. Right now? Packing away tchotchkes from the soon-to-be playroom.

Edited to add trivia: Also, in honour of the beautiful spring day, 17 degrees and the windows flung wide open, I have made myself a tropical smoothie with pineapple, peaches, melons, kiwi, and peach yogurt. Envy me, baby!

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Is It Friday Already?

  1. 1. Toasted tomato with tomatoes fresh from the garden – sun warmed even – with lots of mayo and salt & pepper.
    2. Yes, it is quite a site indeed.
    3. Blue baby!
    4. Yellow, sucks all the color out of my face.
    5. Salty….then sweet…then salty…then sweet…
    6. French.
    7. My girls’ full belly laughs.
    8. Morning for sure!
    9. Hmm, toss up between biting my nails and snacking at night.
    10. I think flatulence is absolutely hysterical, I lose it every time.

  2. 1. I love a field tomato sandwich in the summer! My next favourite is a tuna melt – might not qualify because it’s not really a sandwich.
    2. Just don’t ask me to jump up and down at the same time and I am fine.
    3. I like certain shades of green and blue on me and I think everyone looks great in a white shirt when they have a tan.
    4. I don’t really like pink
    5. Just give me a bag of Old Dutch Salt & Vinegar
    6. I want to learn French first then Italian
    7. A child’s laugh
    8. I used to say evening but now I’m not sure. I love mornings when I can lie in bed with the sun beating down on me.
    9. Just one? Well I have found that vitamin B12 helps with my moodiness at certain times! Maybe my poor saving habits – I’m sure I could have retired by now!
    10. The way I eat my O’Henry bar. I do agree with Sherri though.

  3. Isn’t it a great day for fun stuff?

    Okay. My turn!

    1. Turkey, bacon and swiss on marble rye. With cranberry mayo.
    2. I can! But sometimes I pat my head in a circle.
    3. I think green is best. Or blue.
    4. I HATE peach or orange on me. With my sallow skin, nobody would know I was there.
    5. Sweet. But I love those new sweet & salty combined snacks. Best of both worlds!
    6. I want to learn a bit of Amharic for Mystery Baby. Also I have always been intrigued by Portuguese.
    7. Morning. I like the sounds of morning. Absolute quiet, with a bit of purring from the cats, birds chirping outside, and coffee perking thrown in for good measure.
    8. I’m an evening person. I like evening best, and I’m at my best in the evening.
    9. Worrying about the small stuff.
    10. I hiccup a lot, but especially after the first sip of pop. Every. Damn. Time.

  4. 1. Pastrami on Rye with Mayo and Mustard
    2. Yes
    3. Oranges and browns do me justice (At least I think they on has told me otherwise!)
    4. White or Yellow – I am way too pale!
    5. Both – at the same time!
    6. Definately Amharic!
    7. #1 sound is that of my children playing, #2 any man playing a guitar and singing.
    8. Definately an Evening person! (Ask my kids at breakfast!)
    9. Sounds way worse than it is – but ripping my toe nails off.
    10. I can’t count to 5 on my fingers like everyone else – I count on them in this order. One (Thumb), Two (Index finger), Three (Middle Finger), Four (Little Finger) and Five (Ring Finger.) (ring finger stays completly down until it’s time for 5!)

  5. 1. Whichever you make for me.
    2. I don’t know.
    3. Most any.
    4. Eh… I don’t know… maybe some shades of green.
    5. Salty snacks.
    6. Italian.
    7. Baby laughs.
    8. Evening person.
    9. My family.
    10. I suck at geography. And remembering certain details.

  6. 1. BLT, where there’s a half pound of very crispy B and the L and T sort of skulk around the bottom of the sandwich trying to get out of the way.
    2. Yes. I just checked.
    3. Green. I look really good in dark green.
    4. I look amazingly bad in brown.
    5. Depends on the mood. Also, I NEED Fun Dip at least once a day.
    6. I’d like to brush up on the languages I already know… I think learning Hindi would be fun.
    7. Laughing or sleeping Weasel.
    8. Evening. I like the evening.
    9. Mortality. I’d love to kick that habit.
    10. I won’t cut my sandwiches in half. I eat around the outside first, then attack the goodness found in the sandwich’s inner circle.

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