Yes. Well.

Adoption Journey — Day 90

Well, OF COURSE it went fine. What, you were doubting it or something?

(*hee hee hee*)

Our first “interview” home study appointment is done, and it went just fine. Quite well, actually, I think. (And the cookies were not even required. Although they were a hit.)

Yes, I know. I worried for nothing. Well, not for nothing, actually, because it WAS one of the difficult interviews — they talked with me at length about infertility, our miscarriage, my family. So, on a scale of one to stressful, this was the most stressful of all our interviews, I think.

There are no easy answers in that kind of an interview. It uncovers a lot of difficult memories and times and challenges, and you have to discuss some painful stuff. But I did alright. I was honest and forthright and that’s about all you can be, really. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, we have wonderful adoption practitioners, who are really helpful and easy to talk to, so they make the process so much easier. I think I did alright.

Next week is BDH’s turn. He’ll do great, I am sure.


We have to start our home “inspection” next week! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!

We’re SO not ready. So TOTALLY not ready. And we have a precious few days to GET ready. But the good thing is that we are approaching it with our practitioners as a “work in progress”, because more than anything, we’d really like to do it right and get their advice and input. So we’ll likely identify some things as “will comply”, which will give them an opportunity to give us some advice on what to do and so on, and give us some time to get it done, and get it done right.

So that’s a relief.

Still means we’ll be working clear through the weekend, though. Oh well.

6 thoughts on “Yes. Well.

  1. Well thanks! Let’s hope we do as well next time, when they start looking at all the babyproofing stuff we have to do to get ready.

    *sigh* Canadian Tire will be getting a lot of business from us this weekend!

  2. Wow. It seems like hardly any time has passed since you started this journey and already you are babyproofing!

    I wonder how the girls will feel about all the babyproofing? I know they are no fans of the gates.

  3. They call it baby proofing but have you ever had to live with those things for very long? You and BDH might get the hang of it before fall if you are lucky. A baby can figure it out quicker then we can.

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