30-in-30 Mission Accomplished

Yep, it’s been 30 days, and this post marks a successful 30-in-30 month for me. YAY!

I didn’t do so well on my other blogs, but this is not surprising. But maybe next time I do 30-in-30 I will be able to do it for all 3 blogs. Of course, that would be a 90-in-30 and I don’t know if even someone like me could possibly be that wordy.

But the vacuum awaits. So I cheated a bit and did my last post about blogging.

So sue me. 😉

3 thoughts on “30-in-30 Mission Accomplished

  1. Well done, Cinn. Of course we are the ones who actually benefit from your 30-in-30 successful challenge. I for one, check in daily (several times a day if truth be told) because I love your writing. I have said it before…get working on a book, you’ll make a mint!

  2. Whatever, I cheated and didn’t do 30 posts at all. So.

    Congratulations on your stamina!

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