Hey, Wait A Minute…

Several signs that the apocalypse is upon us:

  1. I’m getting rid of magazines. CANADIAN LIVING magazines.
  2. BDH asked for fruit in his lunch today.
  3. My cat has started talking in her sleep.
  4. Both BDH and I are losing weight.
  5. I’m considering paying someone to paint my porch. (ME. Spending MONEY.)
  6. My cat has not peed on anything today (yet).
  7. I passed on the on-sale Easter chocolate while out shopping today.
  8. We’re going to set up more investments, and it was BDH’s idea.
  9. We exercised. On our DAYS OFF.

I am telling you, if I see four cranky-looking guys on horseback, I am SO outta here.

10 thoughts on “Hey, Wait A Minute…

  1. It would NOT be a good day for either Death or the Pope to email you again? Is THIS what you’re saying?

  2. I’m all for #1
    BDH asking for fruit—-are you dreaming?I think the shredder got to more than your papers.Come up for air!!Good for you both on losing those extra pounds you don’t need to carry around.
    #7. THE SHREDDER DID GET TO YOU!!!!!!!# 8 & 9 -Are you sure I’ve got the right blog?

  3. For today? And possibly all this week and the next – I will be sending ADORATION in Jeppy’s mom’s general direction. She has some COMEDY RIGHT THERE.

    We LOVE her!

  4. Thanks Kelly .I was feeling guilty about what I said and felt that I was giving my boy a hard time even though I was trying to be funny (at his expense). He is a great guy and we love him. And Cinn passing up CHOCOLATE blows my mind.

  5. “trying to be funny?” Oh C’MON! You were totally the funny.

    And if there is ANYTHING we appreciate, it’s the funny.

    Besides, BDH loves you DEARLY. I hear many magical tales of the perfect family of BDH’s. I mean, people who enjoy hanging out together and also related? It is AMAZING and WONDERMOUS. What’s even cooler is that you are ALL funny.

    Sigh. I’m officially envious of Cinn. All this AND she gets email from Death? “Not fair!”,I cry with a weary soul, “Not fair.”

    But, Cinn probably is passing up on the chocolate because of those dreamy tofu protein berry concoctions she’s so addicted to as of late.

  6. It is true. I cannot deny it. The protein and fruity goodness of the smoothies is magical and delicious.

    Also it is, like, 3 CUPS of frozen smoothie goodness, so there’s no room for chocolate.

  7. Okay, give it up…Not only the chocolate (heaven forbid) but I mean the smoothie recipe. I am looking for something healthy and smooth and filling while trying to get off these steroids. Some days I just can’t stomach food.

    1. Me too. It feels great.
    2. Oh, if I could only eat fresh fruit. You don’t know how luck you are that you are able to eat fruits and vegs. Have an extra one for me and don’t forget to moan in delight.
    3. Oreo snores like a trooper (my cat) and Autumn also talks in her sleep.
    4. I am so excited and inspired by you both. When I finish this steroid course I hope you join you.
    5. Whoa! Spending money can be a good thing. Good exercise there for the upper jiggly arms if you have any. Me, I flap like a bird!
    6. Wonder if she has by now?
    7. I am truly impressed. Passing on any chocolate takes true inner strength.
    8. Very good idea. Planning for the future is important.
    9. No way! Motivated you are me thinks.

  8. My smoothies are pretty standard, and also approximate in composition:
    – about 1 c of skim milk
    – about 100g (1/3 package) of silken tofu
    – about 1 c frozen fruit
    – 1 banana
    – about 1/2 c yogurt

    If I don’t have tofu, I’ll blend in a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter (trust me, it doesn’t taste like PB when you’re done). Also, depending on the fruit and how tart it is, I may blend in some honey.

    Easy peasy!

    It makes a ton, and will fill you for hours. I have it for brunch with a breakfast pita, and I’m good to go until suppertime.

  9. It can be readily halved, if you don’t feel like a giant smoothie o’ doom. But keep the whole banana… Bananas are GOOD, just ask Doctor Who.

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