And A Little Shredder Shall Lead Them

Adoption Journey — Day 79

OY. Who knew two people could have so much paper?

We’re still cleaning here at Home Study Central. We’ve spent the weekend getting rid of paperwork, which at first glance looks like we’ve done next to nothing at all. But we have accumulated boxes and bags and file folders and desks full of the stuff over 10 years. So this weekend, we started disposing of it.

BDH has trash issues. Specifically, he doesn’t like to throw anything out that might identify us. I guess that comes from being an IT Geek and the whole “identity theft” thing. Or maybe he’s just got A THING. Anyway, whenever we throw out paper, he likes it to be shredded. So this weekend, our little shredder was working overtime.

BDH decided to tackle an entire box full of my old “originals” of handouts that I used back when I was a teacher. We held on to them, because there was always the thought that I might, someday, want to go back to teaching. Well, 15 years on, teaching turned to training turned to writing, and it ain’t happening. And even if it did happen, that material is by and large outdated. So one by one, they went through the shredder.

It was a good thing we didn’t just hand the box over to some company to dispose of it, because there were some things in there we would have regretted losing. Interspersed in the teaching files were some keepsakes from Japan — cards I’d used in lessons, maps of temples, pamphlets — that I am glad we found. I can put them with my other Japanese keepsakes, which will be another project for a much later day. Possibly when I get the urge to take up scrapbooking. Or something.

Periodically I’d hear giggles of delight as BDH came upon something I’d done in “teacher writing” — cartoony, balloon script — or some of my stick people drawings. I have a gift for cheerful stick people, I have to say. He found an entire family tree of the (fictional) “Potatoes” family, descendants of the famed Charlie and Minerva Potatoes, that caused him no end of glee.

So, he shredded all that stuff without complaint. At the same time, he was cleaning out his virtual files — upgrading his computer and deleting old files, email, documents, and other virtual trash.

Me, I kept on with the filing and the shredding and the throwing out of other stuff. I started the fascinating and dusty task of going through all my back issues of Canadian Living magazine (among others), tearing out recipes and knitting patterns to keep, and getting them together to store in binders or my recipe software later on. The rest of the magazines I plan to give to a local grade school for cut-and-paste. I also got my coupons in order and made a little binder (each month written in “teacher writing” and adorned with the obligatory stick people) so that I can keep them sorted and up-to-date to help with our baby budget.

Sometime this week we’ll have to tackle our old financial paperwork, which will without question need to be shredded. But that’ll help us get our tax paperwork prepared, so we have to push on with that as well, as the end of April is not that far off. Meh… maybe that’s a good Tuesday job. Doesn’t anything financial seem like it would be a good Tuesday job to you? We’ll see.

So it doesn’t look like much, on the surface of things. But it is a tedious task that we’ve put off for too long, and it feels good to get it done. Well, started… it’ll take a while yet. But we’re getting there.

If we don’t burn out the motor on our mighty little shredder before then, that is.

3 thoughts on “And A Little Shredder Shall Lead Them

  1. Well done. BDH takes after his father.You must shred everything before getting rid of it.And don’t throw anything out to back up your income tax for 7 years because the government might order an audit on you. But it is fun to go back over all the things you felt you couldn’t part with and try to remember why you had to save it. Nine times out of ten you could come up with a reason not to throw it out this time as well so be brave and toss it while you have a very good reason to make room for mystery baby.

  2. We are! There’s all kinds of stuff going out. I fear the garbage men are going to start protesting the many bags that we put out each week!

    Actually, this whole exercise is going to be quite an adventure. We’re chucking a whole lot of stuff. I’m donating clothes and housewares and small stuff to the Diabetes association so they can resell it. And the garage is being filled with bags and computer parts and furniture and odds and ends, and we’re going to call one of those junk removal companies to come get it all. Better than taking it to the dump and tipping it ourselves, I think.

  3. Honest to doG, the last time I got rid of tons of paper I took it outside, stuck it in the outdoor fire pit and roasted it all. I’m lazy like that though.

    I think that you’ll feel really good about things when it is all said and done. Just THINK of all the new space you’ll have to acquire NEW things.

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