Friday Fun

Well, we’re in the middle of a snow storm here, the annual April last-blast-of-winter we always get before spring is here for good. So I am not going anywhere or doing anything while the wind is howling and the snow is blowing. So I need YOU to entertain me.

Yes, YOU. And that means you TOO, lurkers. Oh yes, shy little lurkers in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia and Pennsylvania and elsewhere, come on out and play. Join in.

  1. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or another animal entirely?
  2. If you could do absolutely any job in the world, what would it be?
  3. What job would you absolutely NOT want to do?
  4. What is your favourite kind of cookie?
  5. Do you ever dance while doing things around the house?
  6. Perfect vacation: snow, sun & sand, or adventure?
  7. Do you like soup?
  8. What colour is the shirt you are wearing RIGHT NOW?
  9. Where are your keys?
  10. What song makes you happiest?

Thank you for entertaining me. I’ll post my answers later. Hell, maybe I’ll even change out of my pajamas before then.

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Oooooo. What is that big shiny thing on the ground there? Is it… why YES – YES it IS. It is the GAUNTLET. Did YOU throw that down? It’s MAGICAL! *looks at Cinn with big shiny eyes of adoration*

    So, now on to the questions (for who am I to ignore a thrown gauntlet, I ask you?)

    1. Dog, mostly. But for Mr. Peevish, I make and exception.
    2. I would open my own private school with an entirely new approach to teaching.
    3. Something with lots of numbers, papers, cubicles and few people.
    4. Cowboy cookies.
    5. Occasionally.
    6. Snow or Sun & Sand. It’s hard to say.
    7. Well, YEAH.
    8. White.
    9. On their hook by the door.
    10. The lullabies I sing to my children. Hands down. No contest.

  2. 1. I like them all at a distance.
    2. I would be retired nothing like it.
    3. One of those guys or girls out in the cold doing anything.
    4. Coconut macaroons.
    5. Only with my grandchildren.
    6. SUN AND SAND.
    7. Oh, yeah.
    8. Red to support our Canadian troops.
    9. In my purse.
    10. April Love. Pat Boone. (Our song). Remember Him? I bet
    it was before your time.

  3. OH COME. ON! Come the bleep ON!

    There were, like, 25 visitors to my blog today, and only TWO people commented? How disappointing. I am SAD in my HEART I tell you.

    And you lurkers are still LURKING? Are you shy? Poor shy lurkers. Fear not, I see you in my stats, and I love you. (But not in THAT WAY.)

    Well, here are MY answers:
    1. Cat person, definitely. HELLOOOO. Lookit the pictures.
    2. I would be a drummer. For a successful rock band. FABULOUSLY successsful. And also very, very talented. (Since we’re dealing in fantasy.)
    3. Miner. Anything underground just freaks me the hell out.
    4. Chocolate chip with pecans. And maybe just a bit of coconut.
    5. ALL the frigging TIME, MAN.
    6. Sun and sand, definitely.
    7. Love the soup. LOVE IT.
    8. Blue. With Winnie the Pooh on it. (It’s jammies.)
    9. Hanging on the key rack by the front door.
    10. There’s so many. I’d have to say Friday I’m In Love by The Cure, if I have to choose.

  4. Well THAT was a letdown. I thought for SURE we’d meet some new comment people today.

    They just don’t have it in them I think.

  5. 1. I’m an overall animal person, but if I had to choose strictly between cat or dog, I’d have to take the dog. As long as I don’t have to give up the SgustusCat, that is.
    2. Stay home with the kids and be a member of the idle rich.
    3. Anything involving spiders or ventriloquist dummies.
    4. Something chewy with lots of chocolate.
    5. Sure. It’s not pretty, though. I’m sure my parents are really appreciating the time and money they invested in dance lessons for me, since I now move like a spastic rhino.
    6. Sun and sand, I guess. My really dream vacation is to just hole up somewhere in another country and live life for a few weeks.
    7. I’m down with the soup.
    8. It’s maroon, covered in oil stains from a disastrous soup experiment and currently sporting areas of dried-on toothpaste foam from when the Weasel decided I was a towel.
    9. I think in my red coat. Or they might be in my purse. Or possibly on the radiator in the front hall. They’re somewhere inside the house, I’m sure.
    10. Money City Maniacs by Sloan.

  6. To: “sad in my Heart”
    From:Shy Lurker in Hantsport

    1.Cats I guess, they don’t drool, do they?
    2.Photographer, although I wouldn’t be able to share my photos via internet, for obvious reasons
    3.Working in a fish plant, it’s much less smelly working in a paper mill
    4.There’s a favorite? Anything sweet with sugar and butter and maybe chocolate or peanut butter and icing and sprinkles
    5.I am a garage dancing diva. The stereo in the house is broken.
    6.Sun and Sand, hands up! And put a drink in each one.
    7.Love homemade soup, so nutritious and economical to make.
    A comfort food that makes the house smell good.
    8.Shirt color: pale blue with teddy bears on it, also matching slacks with many more teddy bears, okay they’re pjs
    9.keys are hanging by the back door I think, or in my purse or on the kitchen counter or possibly in one of my jacket pockets
    10.I tnink it’s called “My Girl” an oldie that starts”I got sunshine on a cloudy day”

  7. Sorry, hit the button too soon. It’s too early and I haven’t had my coffee. Who ordered this big bloody snowstorm on Easter is what I would like to know. At least the Easter Bunny made it so we are NOT without chocolate. Now, let’s get down to business….

    1. Have a cat but absolutely fascinated with Dolphins, although you can’t put one on your lap.
    2. Actress — although I love my job, which is a stay at home mom who does Medical Transcription online at home for several hospitals in Boston…in my jammies, of course.
    3. I would never want to work in an office for any boss ever again. Answering to someone else all the time sucks.
    4. Shortbreads.
    5. Not so much lately but boy when Elmo and Barney sing it makes ya wanna groove!
    6. Sun and sand, a great hammock, and pretty little umbrella fruity drinks.
    7. Love soup, makes me feel warm and cozy.
    8. White shirt, with pink and blue flowers, that goes down to the ankles…okay, again jammies.
    9. Keys – hanging on the back door hook.
    10. “Mamma’s Little Baby Loves Shortnen Bread.” Sorry we are in baby mode here. Then there is Crazy Frog for the oldest daughter. When exactly is it that I lost me? I have no idea of a happy song. I am too busy for music. Sigh, that is just not right! P.S. I vaguely remember a song I love called…ahem….wait for it…”Oh Sherri” by Steve Perry.

  8. 1. At heart, probably a cat person. But I love my dogs, too.
    2. A comedy writer. Or maybe a novelist.
    3. Anything remotely involving heights or Excel. Both terrify me.
    4. Shortbread.
    5. Yes. the dishes.
    6. Sun & sand. Anything that doesn’t involve a good solid pair of walking shoes.
    7. I do indeed like soup.
    8. Black. A tank top. It’s bloody hot in here today.
    9. On the kitchen table.
    10. Ooh, that’s a tough one. Mrs Robinson, maybe, because it reminds me of being a kid.

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