Stop Bouncing Up and Down, Will You?

I am writing this post from atop one of those bouncy exercise yoga ball thingies. And I gotta tell you, typing is a TRICK when you’re bouncing on these things.

As part of our new exercise plans, BDH picked up new walking shoes and one of these exercise balls. We both have bad knees so it’s a good tool for strengthening them, since walking really hurts sometimes. And since I do yoga, I might be able to get some use out of this in a yoga workout, too.

But rignt now? The bouncing is kinda fun. It’s hypnotic, man. Updownupdownupdown…

I must admit that I am impressed. I am only bouncing a very little bit, but I can feel the work in my knees. And my legs are feeling it a bit too. And my back, where I have a chronic sports injury, is not too happy about the sudden need to exercise, either.

And let’s not even talk about how this giant ball terrorizes the cats. Well, except for Opus. She’s actually the reason I am sitting on the ball. Little chair-stealing bastard stole my desk chair. I’m going to pretend that she did it to force me to exercise, and that she only has my best interests at heart.

Yeah right.

So all in all, it’s been a good investment.


4 thoughts on “Stop Bouncing Up and Down, Will You?

  1. oooooh, I love my exercise ball for working at the desk. It really forces you to use your core muscles and sit up straight. Mind you, I don’t actually exercise with the thing, that just wouldn’t be right!

  2. We used to have one. It became the BASTARDY ALIEN BALL OF DOOM that Gretchen decided MUST DIE SO SHE CAN PROTECT HER FAMILY. It took some work, mind you, but she was determined. She WOULD have it, oh yes, it WOULD BE HERS. And in the end, she was right. As a testament to her extreme hunting dog prowess she took the flat ball and shook it violently until it understood that it was, in fact, QUITE dead. Unfortunately for us, the patch kit that comes WITH the ball didn’t foresee an attack by the Gretchen so it is completely dead.

    Unless it somehow came magically to life today and THAT was what had her all stirred up and barking incessantly. Although, I doubt it.

  3. Just as an aside, I just picked up a pedometer (very cheap actually only $5) and have been wearing that around the house to see on average how many steps I take in the run of a day. 10,000 steps in the run of a day exceeds the recommended 30 minutes 3 x a week. I am nowhere near that yet, but I can see my progress daily or see what day I wasn’t feeling great. It’s also fun to see if you can beat each day’s total. Just knowing it is there is motivation to compete with yourself.

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