Steps of Different Kinds, But All Going Forward

Adoption Journey – Day 74

Huzzah! Our passports came yesterday!

This is a big deal for us. We had to get passports, obviously, so that we’d be able to travel to Ethiopia when the time comes to go get our Mystery Baby. And with all the new passport thingies from the U.S. government, there was a hullaballoo just getting a passport in a reasonable amount of time. But we got it done, and they came yesterday morning. We went out to the post office to pick them up last night. One big step on our adoption checklist is complete!

Once we got them, the first thing we did was rushed out to the car, ripped the packages open, and checked the date of issue.

March 29, 2007.

So that means, since the Ethiopian government mandates that we have to hold our passports for 6 months prior to travel, the very soonest we can leave to travel to Ethiopia is September 29. September 29! It’s hardly any time at all.

Last night BDH was kind of complaining that we should have gotten our passports sooner, and if we had done, we’d be getting our child sooner. He blamed it on himself, procrastinating. But honestly? I don’t mind. Six months is NOT that long when you are preparing for the arrival of a baby into your life. We are going to need all that time to get things ready, to get the house ready, to get our lives ready. Plus, with the millennium celebrations happening in Ethiopia during September, I don’t want to travel then anyway, since it will be tough to get hotels and flights and so on. So October or November suits me just fine.

We also took another step — or more correctly, a lot of steps — in getting prepared for imminent parenthood. And it was a tough one.

We got up early this morning and went for a walk.

BDH hates exercise, he really does. And honestly? I’m much more comfortable sitting in front of a computer these days than getting out and sweating. But in order to improve BDH’s blood sugar levels and keep his diabetes controlled, he needs to exercise. So we decided to start our morning walks again, weather permitting, and when the weather is bad, he’s going to get on the treadmill in the basement. As for me, I already do yoga, and get on the treadmill, and go for walks, but it’s intermittent, and this will motivate me to do it more faithfully.

There were a lot of reasons that pushed us to start walking again, but it all kind of hit home for BDH at the home study meeting the other night. We talked a bit about health issues and adoption, and BDH really realized there’s a lot riding on this. One, I’d like BDH to live a good long life, so he has to learn to control his diabetes. And I am a candidate for high blood pressure so hey, I can use all the exercise I can get. But even more important, the healthier we are, the better our chances for adoption, and the better equipped we will be to keep up with a youngster. We don’t want our health (or lack of it) to jeopardize our chances.

So yeah, we did it. It was freezing cold this morning, but we bundled up and off we went. 4 km. He complained the whole way, but he did it. And he’s hurting now, but it will get better. The first day’s always the hardest. Me, I quite enjoy the morning walks, once I actually get going — and especially now when it’s cool, as opposed to humid summer mornings. Hopefully I can keep him motivated to keep going.

So there are a few more steps done on this long journey to meet Mystery Baby.

3 thoughts on “Steps of Different Kinds, But All Going Forward

  1. I’m SOOOO excited for you!!! September 29th!!! that is going to come SOOO fast! YEAH

  2. I am so happy for both of you! One more step in the right direction so to speak.

    Bro I am especially proud of you for getting off your duff and getting moving. I know how hard it is to move and feel motivated when you are overweight and are dealing with not feeling well, especially with up and down sugars and aches and pains that come from carrying extra weight. It is so much easier to sit still and not ache anywhere. I am mentally getting ready to start walking and am looking forward to it getting warm enough to take Maddie out in her stroller. I also need to set a good example for Autumn and Maddie, just like you two will be doing with Mystery Baby. And soon he/she will be able to join you and be absolutely mesmerized with the countryside around him/her. You are doing a great thing, even though it hurts like hell right now. Keep up the good work and let me know how you are doing. Both of you. If we can keep motivating each other, maybe we will see “less of each other” when Mystery Baby gets here.

    Keep on truckin’ and get those sugars under control. If you will, I will! Hmm, 1-2 lb loss a week safely until September 29th, where will that put you on the scale? More importantly, it may even put you in sugar control land!

    P.S. I’m not preaching, just very excited, proud, and wanting to have someone go through it with who understands. It makes it easier somehow.


  3. Thanks guys! Still a lot of work to go between now and then, but at least we know we have our passports now, so that’s a big weight off. Now, we just have to get everything done.

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