Rain, Rain, (Don’t) Go Away

It’s raining, it’s pouring. The old man is not snoring, although I wish I was.

Rainy days make me sleepy. I like rainy days for the excuse to stay indoors and be lazy. I want to sit in the big comfy chair and knit. Or maybe read a book. Or do some baking.

It was hard to get out of bed this morning. The rain started sometime in the early morning, and I could hear it hitting the roof or the siding, making that lovely light drumming sound, and I could hear the water gurgling down the eavestrough outside my window. I remember snuggling into the blankets a little more and feeling contented that it was raining outside. The sound is relaxing. When the sun is bright, you feel the need to get up and start doing things, because you want to take advantage of the nice sunny day. But on a rainy morning, there’s no impetus to get up. It’s dark and overcast and the sound of the rain is calming and you can’t go out in the rain so why not just stay in bed?

In the summer, rainy days are usually warm and so you can do things in the rain. You can go out in the garden. You can run errands. Even going for a walk or a run is not a big deal. Now, in early spring, it’s still cold and damp. You don’t want to go out on cold rainy days. You just get a chill and a runny nose and feel crabby.

So today, what will I do on my rainy day? Well, unfortunately, I can’t be completely lazy, as there’s so much that has to be done before our home study is complete. I have to find things that are productive but still relaxing. Nothing too strenuous. Well, there’s some cleaning to be done, as always — likely filing is a good task for a day like this. And some laundry piling up that needs doing so BDH has pants to wear to work this week. And maybe I’ll get some miscellaneous “stuff” put away in bins and boxes, and start to put some winter clothes into storage. And perhaps I’ll put some music on nice and loud to pass the time.

But then, after supper… maybe a movie and some knitting. I can’t waste a good rainy day ENTIRELY on working, can I?