Best: Saturday Edition

  • Best beverage for a cool, lazy Saturday: A cup of Chai tea with lots of milk and honey.
  • Best way to be woken out of sleeping in: The unequalled joy of a four-year-old on his birthday. In this case, our neighbour’s son welcoming people to his birthday party.
  • Best pals: Opus and Lucy. One of the most wonderful sounds in the world is the two of them burbling to each other as they play chase.
  • Best lazy Saturday dinner: Sloppy Joes. There’s something about sanctioned mess that makes Sloppy Joes taste so very good.
  • Best chore: Making a coffee cake to use up the last of the buttermilk, before it goes bad. We’re trying hard not to waste anything these days.
  • Best plan: None at all. Except maybe a nap.
  • Best friend: A husband who wants to snuggle on the couch and watch Firefly, and laughs at all the lines with you.