These Shoes Were Made For Walkin’

Adoption Journey – Day 68

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. We had a few things to get done in terms of paperwork yesterday, and with the warm weather, running errands was a welcome task. I don’t mind getting out and doing things when the weather is fine, especially since I was able to walk.

Part of the process for an international adoption is getting fingerprints and police checks done. We did the local police check earlier, and got the fingerprints done the same day. But the fingerprints have to be sent off to the RCMP where they make sure you’re not some big-time international criminal. (Yes, that WAS me they based The Italian Job on. When I am not busy being a domestic house goddess, I spend my leisure time as a safe cracker doing international heists and capers. Of course, I chose Charlize Theron to play me in the movie because of our strong physical resemblance…)

So yesterday I decided to get that done. I also needed to send a copy off to the States because you need a check from every country you’ve lived in since the age of 18. (For Japan, I have to check in at the Japanese consulate in Toronto, which is a job for another day.) I wrote letters to outline what I needed and why, and I put them all in envelopes with INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION written in red in big, bold letters on the front in the hopes that would expedite the process. And I put everything in a knapsack and I started walking.

First stop: the bank. These police organizations don’t do this stuff for FREE, you know. I had to stop in and buy some money orders, one for each request. Now, I had just walked a couple of kilometres in the bright sunshine, so I was a bit warm when I got into the bank. And when I walk, I walk for exercise, at a fair clip — I don’t just stroll along. I was also feeling pretty upbeat because of the fine weather, and because I was getting more tasks done. So I was a sweaty, smiling sight standing there in the lineup waiting for a teller.

I got up to the teller and although warm and sweating, I was very cheerful. The bank ladies thought I was a freak. Miserable old farts.

After picking up a couple of bottles of water at the corner store, my next stop was the post office. I had cold water and my iPod, so I was off. By the time I got there, I was warmer still, but still enjoying my walk. I went into the post office and stood in line, and I swear they still had the heat on. They were bringing out an electric fan to cool things down, it was so warm. I began to melt. Seriously. I was dripping. All the cool water did nothing to cool me down. I couldn’t wait to get up to the counter, just so I could buy my courier envelopes so I’d have something to fan myself with.

I stood at the counter, melting, writing addresses on envelopes and trying not to sweat all over everything. I got everything addressed, sealed, and sent. And I headed for home. The walk home was so warm I was wiping my face on my t-shirt, but it was nice to have gotten everything accomplished AND gotten in some exercise as well.

At home last night, we managed an hour and a half of work around the house. I got all the garbage from the weekend’s cleaning out for today’s pickup — here’s hoping they take it all — plus some house cleaning. BDH started to tackle the horrible garage of DOOM, and by the time he finished for the evening, we could actually see some of the floor of the garage! Hurray for progress!

Today is thankfully less busy. I have to go back to the doctor for another vaccination against more strange tropical diseases. I plan to get a bit more housework done. I also hope to go through more photos to find some fun ones for our family photo pages. And right now, Opus is happily burbling away in the sunshine, and chatting and playing with Lucy (which doesn’t happen often, trust me). So it looks to be a promising day, all things considered.

Although today, I’ll be driving instead of walking. I have blisters from yesterday.