I’m craving cake. With icing. A really good piece of cake, with a cream cheese or a lovely not-too-sweet butter icing, would go a really long way right now. I have no idea why I am suddenly craving cake. I am not even a big cake person. And yet…

When I have dessert, cake is usually far down the list of options. I’ll go for something cheesecake first, or a pie, or something custardy. That’s just who I am. I mean, my love of the pie is well documented. I am, as we all know, the original Pie Stealing Bastard. I love a good piece of pie. And cheesecake is next to godliness in my book. So this whole craving of cake is completely out of the ordinary.

It can’t be cheap cake, mind you. Not that manufactured, heavily iced, lacking-in-substance birthday cake. Oh no. I’m craving something with some teeth, something dense and rich and decadent. Something chocolate would be lovely, of course. But a nice heavy slice of a buttered almond cake, or a wonderful piece of carrot cake from the bakery in St. Jacobs — they’d be perfect. With a big mug of tea.

But there’s no cake. Nary a slice, Not a crumb within shouting distance of this place. Le sigh.