A Collage of Us

Adoption Journey — Day 65

One of the things we have to do for our adoption is make some photo pages about us. We need to gather together some photos of our family and our life to show the Ethiopian decision-makers who we are, what our lives are about, and why we’d be great parents. I suspect it will be another one of those tasks that will ultimately be really rewarding, but right now is a little intimidating.

I am both dreading the assignment and feeling a bit excited about the prospect. I dread the work involved, because I am a bit of a perfectionist about these sorts of things. I just know I will pore over photos and futz over the task endlessly to make it perfect. But I am kind of excited too. I like the thought of going through all our pictures again, and reliving moments as I go. I am looking forward to choosing pictures that represent us and our family, and the hopefulness that comes with presenting yourself in the best light you can. I’m also hoping to get some pictures from our family and friends that would be fun to include. And I am also kind of excited about trying new software and making a collage with pictures and captions and having a really good time with it.

Yesterday in our cleaning frenzy I found all sorts of old pictures — wedding pictures, pictures of the cats, vacation photos, some shots I took when I lived in Japan — and started to feel a bit excited. It’ll be fun to go through them again, and see people and places I have not seen in a long time. BDH wants me to go through the photos and put them into albums, and record names and dates and notes on the back of each picture if I can remember anything. (See? There’s one of those tasks that comes out of cleaning that I was talking about that doubles your work.) Maybe I’ll get to that, but probably not. I’ll be contented just to select some pictures for the collage, and get the rest of the photos put away.

Another reason I want to do a good job is that all these things are part of our child’s life. The collage will be something to put in their life book. We’re starting to think about keeping these things now, things that our child might want in future to show how he or she came to be part of our family. Even this blog will be part of those keepsakes. So I want something special, something that our child can keep as a memory of us and how very much we wanted him or her in our lives and all that we went through to bring him or her into our hearts. So the collage has another, deeper meaning.

I’ll keep you posted as we start putting photos aside, and perhaps I’ll post the collage somewhere when it’s all done. Likely, though, like a lot of these tasks, I’ll just try to get it done as well as I can before the deadline and along with all the other tasks to be done before our file is complete.

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  1. I love this idea. It is a story that you are telling your son or daughter. Growing up there was this poster in our basement and it was full of pictures of my parents before children. I used to love hearing about all of the stories. I wonder if they still have it.

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